Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 11-8-17

Hey Everyone!  It has been an exciting weekend of Age of Sigmar with Blood and Glory happening over in the UK where they had some exciting announcements as well as Holy Havoc happening over here in the US.  Twitter was full of great armies and games being played!  While I was not fortunate enough to be attending either of these events my friend Matt was running a one day Age of Sigmar Narrative called Fawkes Hunt at his house which really made for a great end to the weekend.

While I have been a bit lacking in painting lately I did begin work on five extra Blood Reavers I had around that I plan to use to spruce up my Bloodthirster's base in preparation for an upcoming event I am attending in December run my Neil over at the Rend 4 club on Facebook.

The Fawkes Hunt event was small with only four players, all close friends, with Matt acting as The Wizard Fawkes as well as the Game Master.  We really had a lot of freedom in adjusting parts of the game and creating cool moments by interacting with The Wizard Fawkes throughout the day and Matt ran a great event with the focus on Fun and telling our Armies Narrative.

I created up a short narrative for the event using my Khorne with Direct Focus on having one of the other player's army as my nemesis.  I wanted to help set the move for why my bloodthirsty army would be here at all and what my main focus would be.  Ultimately, my goal was to cause Chaos and shed blood.  As I found out Khorne cares not where the blood flows.  Matt also created special spells and abilities we could purchase from The Wizard Fawkes throughout the games with coins we earned while playing.

Despite it being autumn we had Thunderstorms moving through our area.  Perhaps it was Sigmar's displeasure with me at taking a break from playing Stormcast Eternals.  The storms managed to knock out the power for an hour or so, but thankfully books and dice still work without power and the natural light of Matt's house allowed us to push on through and keep gaming!


At the end of it all Dave and his mixed Aelves, who were also my nemesis, managed to take a commanding lead and come out on top.  Dave is still a new player, but his focus on gathering up coins and avoiding the politics of Triumph and Treachery helped him secure the treasures and leave with the blessing o The Wizard Fawkes.  It was nice playing in such a casual one-day event with a small group of friends.  We got to hang out, share a meal, and play some Warhammer which will always be a fantastic day in my book.

I hope your hobby and gaming is moving along nicely as well.  Let me know what you are working on in the comments below.  Please come back on Friday when I will have an interview with Mike who is a prominent member of my local Age of Sigmar Community and one of the Organizers for The Steel City Sigmar Club.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!