Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 12-13-17

Happy Wednesday everyone.  The snow seems to finally be hitting the country around where  I live which means plenty of time to get some Hobby time.  My "Great Aelven Rebasing Project" has slowed down a bit as I am waiting for more bases I have ordered to arrive, but thankfully there is plenty of other Aelves needing my attention.  Not to mention the games that need to be played!

Recently I purchased some old metal Executioners and other various aelves and I felt it was time to get some paint on them as I make my final push toward winning the Hobby Hero Award for The Rend 4 Club's Hobby season.  I really like the old metal Executioners and they paint up rather quickly so a few hours saw twenty of them completed to tabletop standard.  I also built and primed the two Aelves released so long ago with The Silver Tower game.  I should have these painted up within a few days as well.

My club mate Matt B. gave me some Pheonix Temple Bits he had lying about from his brief time in Age of Sigmar.  Extra bits are always great and I there was enough to build a Caradryan/Anointed Hero on Foot.  After he was built I knew I had to immediately paint him up and I finally got to use my new Citadel Painting handle for it as well.  It felt great to hold and really kept my hand from fatiguing even slightly.  As you read in my recent post I had a tough showing at a recent one-day event so I thought painting up my Baelwind Vortex would make me feel a bit better and it certainly did the trick.  Hopefully, it can see me to some victories sooner rather than later.

I also took some time this week to work on updating my local club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming,  Facebook Page as well as work up a club shirt for us as well.  I put up a few initial ideas and received feedback that led to the final design below.  I placed my order and set up a group order for everyone as well.  A good number of us are attending Adepticon this year and hopefully, we can coordinate to all wear them on the same day as we support one another even though we will be playing in different events.

I was able to get a game in with my good friend Matt H. with my usual Stormcast list versus his, test, Party Boat list.  We played Duality of Death and due to smart tactics from Matt, despite poor shooting rolls, he pulled ahead to win the major by turn four.  Matt has been struggling with Kharadron Overlords for a while now, but he seems to be finding his feet and with the shooting potential I worry for the future of my Khorne Army in my local meta.

Hopefully, your Hobby is flowing and your dice are rolling to your heart's desire.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!