Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 12-20-17

Hey Everyone!  The year is almost over, but with the cold weather, that means the time for games and painting is in full force for most people.  My club has had some great attendance at our past few Club Days with everyone working on their armies and projects going into the Holiday season.  Most are anticipating having, even more, models to paint after Christmas so they are trying to wrap up what is on their table currently.  I am no exception and with the Rend 4's Hobby Hero award coming to a close in a few weeks I am working toward closing the gap between myself and the current leader.

This past weekend I ran the second event in my club, Ligonier Legion's, Age of Sigmar Firestorm Escalation League.  We had eleven people show up to play with everyone having painted additional models for their force.  Next month we will be wrapping up the campaign, but the excitement for Age fo Sigmar is very high for us right now so I need to begin planning what is next.

While I managed four Major Wins on Saturday with my Khorne running over all who came against me I was humbled a few days prior by my good friend, and regular opponent, Aleks as yet again he proves his Freepeople cannot lose to my Khorne.

My Hobby hasn't been just games, however, as my brush has been working overtime as I work on earning those Hobby Hero points.  I know have more Death Hags then I will ever need and have managed to paint up more Aelves in the past week then I have in the past year.  I am thrilled to be painting Aelves again and coming back to them feels comforting as they have always been my favorite aesthetic in Warhammer.

Continuing with the theme of Aelves I have officially received the last of my Adepticon 2018 army in the mail.  While I am still waiting on bases to arrive it is nice to have everything ready for the coming months of Hobby as I paint up 120 Witch Aelves.

Let me know how your Hobby is coming along and be sure to check back Friday for what will most likely be an article about Aelves.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!