Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 12-27-17

Hey Everyone!  I hope your Holiday season is going well so far and that you have had a lot of hobby over the past week.  The year is quickly coming to an end and if you have been following my Hobby Update posts you know that I am in the running for the "Hobby Hero" award as part of the Rend 4's club event season.  It has been a very tight battle between me and gentlemen by the name of Dan who has pushed me to keep up with him as the deadline of Dec 31st. looms.  I am also very pleased that the new shirt for my local club, Ligonier Legion, arrived this past week and I cannot wait to wear it to the next club day!

As the Holidays decided I  was able to get a game in with Jason and his Nighthaunt army in Scorched Earth using my Khorne.  We both bet big on opposite flanks as the game began.  It seemed as if we would circle each other wiping out each other back lines, but thanks to my Blood Tithe abilities I was able to circle one of my Bloodthirsters to help stall his advance and securing the win.  It was fun to get a game in before the Holiday and it was a fun atmosphere as you can see by Evan, pictured sitting below, had a smile just watching the carnage.  Evan plans to start an Age of Sigmar league soon at the local store and I cannot wait to participate.

Games are only one of the ways to earn points for the "Hobby Hero" award.  The other and quickest way to earn points is by painting and while my brush has always been fast to get models to a tabletop standard it is not nearly as fast as an airbrush.  Dan, who I mentioned above, has been ahead of me for quite a while now by using his airbrush to knock out models fast and furious.  It has been great to complete all of these Aelf Heros, but despite this effort, I remained firmly in second after even these.

This leads me to my biggest push to take control of first in the competition.  After my game with Jason, I asked him if he would mind if I helped him out with painting his army.  Jason is well aware that I am trying to win Rend 4's Hobby Hero award and he had no complaints about an offer to paint the bulk of his army for free.  My competitive drive was in its highest gear at this point and directly after our game I drove home, grabbed a bit of food and drink and set to work.  Five Hours later, Jason, had his models painted and finally jumped to first place, but with a few days left I need to keep my foot on the gas to ensure I keep the lead.

I can't complete today's post without showing off a bit of the Christmas haul.  Thanks to my loving wife and great friends I received some great gifts and while some are still being shipped I am very humbled by how generous everyone was to me this past holiday.


I hope your Holiday is going well and, unlike myself, have many days off to hobby until your heart is content.  If you received some great Warhammer gifts let us know in the comments.  Be sure to come back Friday as I look back at this past year and offer a few Warhammer and Hobby Wishes for the coming year.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!