Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 12-6-17

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to my 100th blog post!  I don't know if that is an achievement or not, but it is fun to say nonetheless.  I have had plenty of Hobby over the past week and with the madness of the Holidays coming up I am doing my best to squeeze in as much time to complete all my projects while enjoying the fun with family and friends.  Also, Tomorrow is the last day to take The Big Community Survey put out by the Warhammer Community team.  It is a good chance to submit your feedback to Games Workshop and have a chance at a gift voucher as well.  Be sure to take a few minutes today if you can to complete the survey.

My "Great Alven Rebasing Project" is still in its infancy, but I have managed to rebase all my Dragons as well as every Infantry Hero I have in my collection.  I am still debating on exactly what my basing scheme will be, but just getting everything on rounds is a big step so I plan to rebase all of my Aelf Armies before I decide.  Chances are I will stick to a unified theme with pieces to match my Stormcast Eternals so I can easily play mixed order and have it look uniform.  The rest of my Bases should be coming in from my online purchases in the next few weeks and I hope to have everything on Rounds before the New Year.  After that is done I will be committing my hobby time to wrapping up some exciting community projects and painting my Adepticon army.

While rebasing has turned out to be more enjoyable than I originally thought I still need to keep paint flowing off y brush.  Thankfully I have a bunch of Aelves in need of some color and I finished priming them just the other night.  These will be done for Christmas so I can shift my Focus to the previously mentioned projects in the New Year and help me earn some more hobby points for a fun competition for The Rend 4 Club run by Neil who I interviewed recently.  The deadline is the end of the year and I am currently sitting in third and need to push hard to take the win.

I have also very excited to have my Aelf models be a part of Battletome: The End Times and I have been working to improve my photo quality and sending as many as I can over to Alexander to for review.  I am not sure what all of mine will end up in the book, but I am happy to have contributed even in a small way and I cannot wait for the final document to be released.  

Speaking of The Rend 4 Club.  They held their first one-day tournament this past Saturday and I was lucky enough to attend along with other great hobbyists for a fun day.  Neil and the store ran a great event and I plan to cover the day in depth with Fridays post so be sure to check back in a few days to see more*.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

*Spoiler: I didn't do well at all.