Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 1-10-18

Hey Everyone!  Malign Portents is finally getting underway as we see bits and teasers being put out here and there.  I am very excited for what it is bringing to Age of Sigmar and if you haven't taken the time to dive into every part of the website I highly suggest you do so as soon as you can.  There is a lot of great bits of information for the Malign Portents and for the Age of Sigmar setting as a whole.  To kick off this new chapter Games Workshop is running events to help players get an army prepared for the coming Age of Darkness.  On February 10th local Games Workshop and Warhammer Stores will have an event with prizes around buying, building, and painting up a Start Collecting! box.  While I really enjoy the new Lord-Ordinator and plan to pick him up the Darkoath Warqueen has really captured my attention so I plan to paint up some SLaves to Darkness to go alongside my Blades of Khorne for the event.

While myself and others at my local club, Ligonier Legion, are preparing new projects we also just wrapped up a three-month Firestorm league with a 2000pt three-game tournament.  The weather kept a few of the regulars away sadly, but those who were able to make the journey out had a great day of fun and competitive Age of Sigmar.

I created three awards for the event using some Age of Sigmar art and my basic photo editing skills to award "Best Painted", "Tournament Champion", and "Hero of Firestorm".  The "Hero of Firestorm" was for the top players of the league as a whole while "Tournament Champion" was for the player who won the one-day event.  I wanted to give players that were unable to make previous league days something they could try to win to join in on the fun.

Due to an odd number of players during round 1 I was able to play as the ringer to get some practice in with my Daughters of Khaine.  While I was playing the ringer I didn't hold back entirely and I was very impressed with how the Army did on the table and I look forward to playing many more games as I prepare for Adepticon.

Round 2 saw a late participant braving the cold arrive so I stepped out the event as the ringer and back into the T.O. Role.  The games went very smoothly with very little questions which allowed me to prime my army during the course of the day as well.  It was great to see the club having such a good time while getting some needed Hobby in.

At the end of the day, we saw great games that were very close and a very tight finish for the top awards.  Luis (left) walked away with "Hero of Firestorm" as well as "Best Painted" while Cole (right) took the "Tournament Champion" in a very close finish.  Congratulations to the both of them and to everyone who played in the event.  The club saw some great games and a lot of new models getting painted and as such everyone should be proud!

I have had some good progress on my two current Hobby Projects in the past few days.  The bits and bases arrived allowing me to begin priming my Daughters of Khaine and my Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! set I am painting for Malign Portents is fully built and it should be warm enough for me to prime in the next day or so.  A total of 144 models to paint in the coming month alongside many other community-driven projects I am pushing to wrap up as well.  It promises to be a very busy month for Hobby, but the prospect of it all is not unwelcome.

With painting finally beginning on my Daughters of Khaine I wanted to share my Cauldron of Blood that will represent my General on the board.  I wanted the final piece to be all Games Workshop models but wanted to be different from the standard statue of Khaine that is on my other two Cauldrons of Blood.  Calling back to The End Times I decided to put a statue of Tyrion as "The Avatar of Khaine" and I am quite pleased with the result.

You might recall the last few weeks I Hobbying as much as possible to win the "Hobby Hero" award as part of The Rend 4 Club's Winter event season.  As I previously announced I did manage to take the win in a very tough Hobby battle with a gentleman Dan M, who I have interviewed for this Friday's post, and Neil L. has updated the Trophy with the season winners and I am very happy to say that Roger, Mike, and myself are all from the Pittsburgh area and members of Steel City Sigmar.  Pittsburgh swept the cup this year and we always enjoy taking toys away from those living in Ohio.  All in good fun however as the next season has already begun and I sit woefully behind once again.

I am very excited to be running the Spring Coalescence event for my local club once again and have begun working on the awards for the event to build up the hype in the coming months.  Everyone is very excited to see what the event will entail as more is released.  If you wish to run the event and join the many groups running this Global One Day Narrative event be sure to sign up to be emailed all the latest information.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

~Chuck Moore