Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 1-24-18

Hey Everyone!  I hope your week has full of Hobby and if you are traveling to L.V.O., WaaaghpacaThe Sheffield Slaughter or any other of the great events going on this weekend may your travels be swift and your games be glorious!  Today my Blog turns two years old today.  It is very satisfying to see how far I have come over these years and I am very excited for how far I could go in the future.  Last year at this time I truly began providing consistent posts twice a week and I focused on expanding my posts to a minimum of one thousand words and I hope to do even more in the year to come.

As you could predict I am continuing my Daughters of Khaine army for Adepticon this year.  I have been making great progress on them, but I still have work ahead of me with the Gold, Eyes, Washing, and Highlights to finish up all the infantry.  However, there is still time before the big show and I am committed to finishing them all to the nicest standard I am able to do.  I am giving some thought to my Display board as well and the idea of a large Cauldron of Blood is a simple and effective one, but due to a recent teaser video, I might be changing that idea up a bit.

An Age of Sigmar League has begun at one of my local gaming stores and in order to prepare for Adepticon, I am playing my Daughters of Khaine.  The League is for 1000pt games using scenarios from the Generals Handbook 2017.  I have only managed one game in the league, but I took the win over a mixed Skaven Chaos list.  I have yet to face a Tzeentch or a Shooting list with my Daughters, but I feel very confident against other combat armies.  Win or lose this is still a really fun army to field and play.

While I do have a lot more to do for Adepticon I am also still working on my Malign Portents Start Collecting Box for the painting competition on February 10th.  My army of choice is Slaves to Darkness that I originally planned to add to my Khorne army.  However, While I held my Mephiston Red a sudden bit of inspiration hit me and I devoted this army to Slaanesh and have worked out a paint scheme I wish to try out.  I am working to have these all done by the end of this week if possible so I can devote all my time to my Daughters of Khaine.

Speaking of the Daughters of Khaine we had an amazing teaser dropped yesterday and if you haven't yet go check it out.  I have managed to get lucky by being very far ahead with my Adepticon Army so when these finally drop I plan to get playing with it immediately. I am hoping that we see a few new models to go along with the current range and the pictures below seem to indicate that this could be the case.  I am also eagerly awaiting to see if we get a new Morathi model as she is the focus and narrator of the latest teaser.  If it is along the line of the Alarielle model we are in for a treat!

I hope your excitement is high for all these great teasers and it inspires your hobby to keep moving forward!  After the teaser I am more motivated to finish my Daughters of Khaine then I was when I began the project and I can't wait to field it when it is completed.  Be sure to keep an eye out for some big news from Games Workshop this weekend as well as there will be another Reveal seminar happening at L.V.O. in just a few days.  Not to mention all the great live streaming of Warhammer going on this weekend as well.

I also wish to thank you all for joining me on my journey for these past two years.  Our hobby has the best community out there and that fact you take the time to read my weekly posts is very humbling.  Thank you all.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying

Chuck Moore