Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 1-3-18

Happy New Year Everyone!  As we head back to work, and away from our Hobby tables, I hope the post-holiday blues don't keep you down for too long.  I am doing everything I can to keep my Hobby moving forward and not fall into a slump.  Thankfully I had a great year-end push with painting and gaming that has kept me really excited about my current projects going into the new year.

The year ended with two great games with some of my regular opponents.  Aleks continued to prove that my Khorne is no match for his Freepeople in another crushing defeat despite the initial momentum oh my army.  Later in the week, I played Jason at my local shop with his Flesh Eater Courts going up against my Khorne.  True to form the Flesh Eater Courts blunted my attack and it felt as if they would run over the rest of my army, but my Bloodthristers decided to step up to the task at hand and turned the tide.  Jason and I went into the bottom of Round 5 being tied on victory points.  I choose to run off the objectives, in fair play, to end a great game in a draw.  I couldn't ask for a better game to finish on for the year.

My brush continued to be busy this past week as well.  I finished up a few individual models as well as some units.  Aleves continue to be the theme on my hobby table, and that won't be changing anytime soon.  I did get to paint up the old Sigvald The Magnificent model as a gift for a friend that was a joy to paint.  I am happy to have finished up the last few models I planned to complete before diving into my army for Adepticon 2018.  

It has been a lot of fun having Aelves back on my Hobby table.  As I have said before I feel very comfortable painting them since I have done so many throughout the years.  While I sometimes get tired of painting the same thing over and over in other armies I never feel that way with my Aelves.  I feel very connected to the armies since I used them so often in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the idea of fielding them regularly again is exciting and I plan to continue adding more Aelves throughout the year.

I am happy to say that all of this Hobby and gaming was enough to take the Rend 4 club "Hobby Hero" award I have been striving for the past few weeks.  It was very tight all the way to the end and Dan, the gentlemen who came in second has pushed me to hobby more in these past few weeks then I felt I had all year.  He is a true warrior fighting against the grey and he has already put up some numbers for the clubs next "Hobby Hero" season.  I plan to have Dan on for a player spotlight in the near future as well so be sure to keep an eye out for the interview.

In some unexpected news, Coalescence is coming early this year!  Games Workshop has worked with some of the NEON team to create a fun one-day Global event in support of the upcoming Malign Portents for Age of Sigmar.  If you are curious there will still be the yearly summer Coalescence event on June 23rd to continue the story we began last year with the Godbeast Eristrat.  So we will have two great Global Narrative events this year and I cannot wait to run these for my local club.

It has been a great finish to the year I do not plan to rest on my laurels as I have plenty of Hobby still unfinished as I prepare for Adepticon, work to complete The U.S. AoS Modular Pack, and continue to improve this very blog.  I plan on participating in the #hobby500 on Twitter and finish a total of 500 models this year.  It is a daunting task, but one I am excited to make an attempt.  Let me know how your Hobby year ended and what you have planned going into 2018. 

Happy Hobbying!

-Chuck Moore