Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 1-31-18

Hey Everyone!  It has been a very busy weekend for Age of Sigmar with four large events going on and a plethora of news being dropped.  I wanted to take a moment at the very start to congratulate the 2018 North American nominees for Warhammer Heroes.  This award is a fantastic idea and those chosen from the multitude of submitted nominees should be very proud of their efforts, but those who were nominated and not on this list should also be just as proud that their effort is being and is having a positive effect on your community.  This award seems as if it will happen somewhat regularly per the article so if your nominee isn't on the list then be sure to submit them again during the next Warhammer Heroes Award.

I always love receiving packages in the mail and this Hobby really helps satisfy that feeling.  This week I received the rest of my Calvary and Monster bases for my "Great Aelven Rebasing Project" and some custom objective markers also arrived ready to be used in some games this week.  They are also a great way for some shameless self-plugs of my blog if I play someone new.

I have my Malign Portents Start Collecting box almost completed as well.  I was hoping to get it done this weekend, but it didn't happen so my effort is entirely put toward finishing it as soon as possible.  I am really wanting to dive back in and finish my Daughters of Khaine well in advance of Adepticon and it is really making me try to finish my Slaves to Darkness quickly to a nice tabletop standard.  It is a very begrudging type of motivation, but it is motivation nonetheless.  Although I cannot stay away from my Aelves for long as I dove into my bits bin to make another unit of Sisters of Slaughter to add to my force later one.

I managed a few 1000pt games for a learning league at one of my local games shops as well.  I am playing around with various lists of Daughters of Khaine and while the Witch Aelves with their Cauldron continues to perform exceptionally well the rest of the army melted quickly, but they were fun games and this league is helping me learn more about my army in preparation for Adepticon.

One of the exciting pieces of news was the official FAQ schedule we now have for Age of Sigmar.  I am sure it is a relief for T.O.'s knowing when big changes are likely to drop and to Games Workshop's credit, they wasted no time in updating the FAQ's on Monday directly after a lot of major events wrapped up.  Be sure to go check out the updates so you are up with the changes.

As you might have expected, my favorite announcement was all the great model reveals for the upcoming Daughters of Khaine Battletome.  I cannot find a single model doesn't scream "Paint me!" and I plan to do just that.  It is unknown when the book and models will drop, but if it comes out before Adepticon, and is valid for use at the event, I will be having some hard decisions to make, but it is not decisions I would be to upset over having to make.  Check out the reveal video as well as some screen captures of the models below.

On top of all this excitement, we will be able to preorder the new Malign Portents book, new faction Heroes, as well as some fun accessories as we begin our battles in Shyish and the return of some nice scenery.  It will be a week of hard budgeting and hard decisions, but I know the Book will be a must for me and perhaps that new combat gauge would go well with it!  Age of Sigmar is beginning to move quickly again and I am excited for what is to come.  

A final item I wish to announce today is I am happy to announce that I have been selected as the T.O. for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament as well as the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Doubles Event at the upcoming 2018 NOVA Open Convention.  It is an honor to be given this opportunity and the work has already begun with the passionate people at NOVA Open.  Expect more information int he coming weeks, but keep an eye out for Registration happening on March 1st to guarantee yourself a spot at the events.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore