Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 2-28-18

Hey Everyone! As you might have noticed the Daughters of Khaine has taken over the blog.  I want to give a nod to Dan over at AoS Shorts for the inspiration.  Dan's logo and site are a thing of beauty and I love how he quickly adapts to keep pace with Games Workshops frantic release schedule.  The design is here for a while so I hope you enjoy it!  There is still plenty of more Daughters of Khaine goodness coming with the releases as well as some fun articles coming out soon and not to mention that we are now fully in Adepticon Crunch time.

A lot of the updated warscrolls for Daughters of Khaine have been released on the Age of Sigmar App and I took time over the week to adapt to these new changes.  I dug into my bits bin and painted up ten crossbows to add to my Doomfire Warlocks as well as an extra thirty bladed bucklers to add to a unit of Witch Aelves.  The Warlocks were a very quick update, but the Witch Aelves took a bit longer than I expected.  Since I am using the older Metal Witch Aelf models I had to cut the arms and hands off the plastic bucklers from the plastic kit and file them down before painting.  I am a bit worried about the shields breaking off the models, but I will have to worry about that when and if it happens.  There is far too much left to do as I prepare for Adepticon.

Thankfully it has been much more than updating models I thought were finished a few weeks ago as I also converted one of my three Cauldrons of Blood back to a Shrine for one of my Bloodwrack Medusa.  It was a simple change and it I managed to begin blocking out some of the colors to keep the paint flowing.  While waiting for the Battletome to release this weekend I am unsure on exactly how my army list will change for Adepticon, but I know it is changing as I have already set the weekend aside to build, prime, and begin practicing with Morathi in my list.  She will be at Adepticon despite the short window of time to get her completed.  

Once I have my list set I will paint up the remaining models needed and finish the basing which will hopefully give me a few weeks to complete my display board.  I have the idea to create a Blood Aqueduct board with some classic Dark Elf Spires in the back of the board.  Admittedly the spires are a bit overzealous so they might be the one change I make depending on time.  The overall goal is to capture the Khaine meets Greek theme that feels ingrained in the army.

This weekend will properly begin the flurry of activity.  If you are working overtime to get ready for Adepticon let me know in the comments below as we all push through the crunch time before the event.

Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore