Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 3-7-18

Hey Everyone! Fourteen days is all that stands between us and Adepticon 2018.  The Adepticon Crunch is in full effect across Twitter and I find myself in the midst of it all as I push to paint up Morathi, build my Display Board, and possibly add in some of the new Daughters of Khaine units coming out this weekend.  Thankfully I did get a bit of practice over this weekend and got to hang out with some good friends.  Neil and Dave from the Rend 4 Club over in Ohio came out to play and Neil brought the Rend 4 trophy for me to snag a few pictures as I was last season winner for the Hobby Hero portion of the clubs events.  It was great to hang out with them and play some games and I look forward to more time with them in a few weeks at Adepticon.

Speaking of wins I managed to also snag second overall at a league being held at one of my local shops, SCG Hobby, as well.  The league ran for six weeks and included points for playing games, winning games, as well as painting.  Thanks to my Witch Aelf painting marathon my painting score boosted me up to snag a bit of store credit which I plan to use on more Daughters of Khaine.

With the Daughters of Khaine release this past weekend and games to be had on Saturday, I spend my Friday night building Morathi and her two forms.The kits were great to build and some while some bits are typical Aelven Fiddly the overall design is fantastic and it took around an hour and a half to build them both.  I was surprised how stable the models were when complete due to their molded bases.  I have very little concern about them falling over and the weight of the models feel great in the hand.

I also had a package arrive from my friend Brian to help me with my display board.  He graciously 3D printed a few pillars for my board on his own machine.  They were wonderfully big and will help frame the army on the board and it has made me really excited to begin the board this week alongside the painting of Morathi.

As I said above Neil and Dave from The Rend 4 Club came out to get some Adepticon prep with my local club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming. Neil and I have never managed to play so he promptly took the opportunity to grudge me and my newly built Morathi.  Blades of Khorne and Daughters of Khaine caused the blood to flow and despite my early lead Neil managed to pull the victory back to his side.  It was great to play Neil and he let me take my time to wrap my head around the new rules for the first time and while I lost I can take solace in the fact that Morathai faced off against Skarbrand and won.

After a day of gaming, hobbying, and chatting we ended with a much-needed dinner and round of drinks.  It was clear to see the excitement was very high for Adepticon and the fun to be had at the event.  If you are interested there is a good chance Neil and I will be hitting the gym while we are there so if you are interested reach out and let me know!

While hanging out and gaming is a lot of fun there is still hobby to do in order to prepare before Adepticon.  Over the past few days, I managed to finish my third and final Cauldron as well as sort out exactly how I want to base my army.  It should only take a day or so to base my list for Adepticon and I plan to do that sometime this week.  I also started getting some color blocked out on Morathi and I do not feel she will take all that long to complete.  I have seen a lot of nicely done models of her being painted very quickly so with a bit of work and time a great result can be had fairly quickly.

How are your Adepticon preparations coming along?  Are you in crunch mode or did you manage to plan ahead well enough that you can relax a bit before the big event?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore