Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 4-18-18

Hey Everyone!  Some exciting news this week as my wife and I have booked tickets to head over to England this Autumn!  We are still planning out the trip, but I know for sure I am attending RAW18 as well as a trip to Warhammer World the Wednesday before the event and a lot of sightseeing.  I cannot wait for this trip with my wife to see the world a bit and visit my UK friends.  However, October is a long way away and there is still a lot to do before the trip.

The bulk of my hobby lately has been preparing for the NOVA Open in creating the event packs for the Grand Tournament and Team Doubles event.  It is a switch going from only worrying about painting my army for an event to making sure you have a solid pack and clarified rules to ensure a great time for everyone in attendance, but it is very rewarding.  I am hoping to get a lot of it done this week so the generous people who have reached out to me to review the pack can begin to do so.  I hope to have the pack out by the end of the month for those coming to NOVA to begin testing their armies with it.

Despite my focus being the packs for NOVA, I made time to get the last of my Daughters of Khaine built so I can begin painting them soon.  I am still finishing up ten Sisters of Slaughter before I dive into these great new kits, but I should be able to get the army wrapped up in the next few weeks so I can begin tackling the one-off mini and scale busts I have as I work to improve my hobby skills and make some more artistic quality pieces instead of strictly painting armies to a tabletop standard.

Also this week my order from Scenery Dice arrived.  Most of you are aware these have been out for a while now, but I never purchased any as my local group struggled early on just to get games going so often times the extra scenery rules were simply dropped to keep things simple.  While the group has grown and is very healthy the habit continued for the most part.  After this years Adepticon it seemed everyone had a set I couldn't resist any longer.  They are very easy to use and it is likely I pick up a few more in the near future with my local club.

It is very different shifting focus from army painting to Pack creation and prepping for a slower more artistic approach to miniature painting, but it is nice to get outside my comfort zone and explore these other hobby avenues.  Hopefully, your hobby has been fruitful and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore