Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 4-25-18

Hey Everyone!  It has been great seeing all the Idoneth Deepkin reviews, deep dives, and models online lately and I have been soaking it all in as it comes out.  While I am very eager to begin these new Aelves I am sticking with my plan and wrapping up my Daughters of Khaine first.  However, I couldn't resist picking up the Battletome in order to get my feet wet in the lore.  While at my local shop I decided I needed to finally pick up the latest Dark Angels Codex as well.  While Age of Sigmar is my primary focus regarding games I really want to jump back into the Imperium I hope to finally get paint on my Primaris I bought back at the release of the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000.

This past weekend was a club day for my local group as well and we gathered for a day of Age of Sigmar and 40k.  It was a nice turnout for the games and we even had a few games of Shadespire happening as well.  I am excited as one of the local members, Luis has agreed to help get Shadespire moving for the group.  While there has been a good deal of excitement in the general Pittsburgh, PA area the game never really took off for the club.  I am very excited to see some leagues and clashes happening for the club soon!

While at the club day my friend Aleks and I teamed up with two 1000pt lists of Free People and Daughters of Khaine as we prepare for the upcoming Rend 4 Team Doubles event.  We paired up against one of my regular opponents Jason and his Night Haunts.  After a few turns, my Witch Aelves managed to clear their side of the table and proceeded to watch Aleks and his force due their best to hold off Jason's remaining undead.  I am hoping Aleks now has the proper fear of my Witch Aelves for the event because while we practiced together we are not on the same team and I am seeking my revenge from the stomping he gave my Khorne at the last Rend 4 event.

Outside of a game, I took the time to finish the last ten Sisters of Slaughter bringing my total up to twenty.  I may add another ten in the future to be able to run a unit of thirsty, but I typically like to run these units as small units of ten.  Next up are the Khinerai and Melusai units I recently built and I plan to get them completed over the next few weeks so I can begin some of my one-off painting projects.

I hope your hobby is continuing to go strong and your motivation is high.  Be sure to come back Friday when I plan to talk a bit about Motivation and Dedication as I will be continuing my article series, Life Lessons and Wargaming.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore