Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 5-2-18

Hey Everyone!  It is narrative event pack Christmas this week as the Realms at War 18 and the Summer Coalescence 18 packs have been released.  I eagerly dug into each pack for very different reasons.  My local club will once again be hosting Coalescence this year and I am planning on it being bigger than last years and last years was pretty big so it will be fun to try and top it.  As for Realms at War I am excited to begin crafting my Hero and their Aethrlab as soon as possible since I am attending the event come October.  It has also been a boost as seeing these great packs has helped motivate me to finish the competitive GT and Doubles packs for NOVA Open.  The NOVA packs continue to be my focus, but they should be wrapped up soon allowing me to focus my hobby elsewhere for a bit.

One of those focuses is in attempting to paint up a few competition level pieces.  As you know I have never tried to do this before, but I am excited to give it a go and improve my painting skills as I  attempt, fail, learn, and try again.  One of the pieces I purchased arrived this week in the form of the "Zanya The Golden Gobliness" by Iter Miniatures.  I saw this bust on Facebook in a few groups and it was one I knew I had to paint.  The sculpt is lovely and being a limited run I am very happy to have been able to acquire one.

If you are a regular reader or follow me on Twitter you will have seen over the past month or so I decided to box up my 40k models and immediately begin to regret doing so.  I bought another shelf as a temporary solution while I work on making my basement a bit more livable.  While Age of Sigmar will always remain my focus it is nice to dabble in the Imperium of Man from time to time.  Hopefully, I can get some paint on them in the future as well.

Before I can get paint on any Dark Angels I need to finish up my Daughters of Khaine first.  I managed to get the tiniest bit of color on my Melusai and failed to do much else as I continue to work on some other hobby aspects of the hobby.  Time is my enemy more than anything else in getting this army wrapped up, but with a free weekend coming up I plan to make some significant progress on my Daughters of Khaine.

Before I leave I want to drop a small teaser of an upcoming project I am working on as well and while I don't wish to dive into a lot of detail right now it is likely I will get some info out about this new endeavor soon.  I hope your hobby is going strong no matter if it is painting, gaming, or list building.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck M.