Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-27-18

Hey Everyone!  Age of Sigmar's new edition is almost here and there has been a lot of content coming about the exciting changes coming to the game we love.  I am very excited to see the 24-hour live stream from the Warhammer Community Team this coming Saturday to kick things off strong.  Speaking of content and being strong I am very happy to announce that I have made the move into YouTube with my new channel Strength Hammer.  The goal of the channel is to provide entertainment, instruction, and information on my two passions of Warhammer and Lifting.  The first episode is now up and I would love if you check it out!

Last weekend we saw the Narrative Coalescence event happen around the world and it was exciting to see how each event turned out as teams strived to Empower or Banish the god beast.  Sadly there was a scheduling conflict prevent my club from joining in on the day of, but thankfully it was only pushed back one week and I am excited to run the event again this coming Saturday.  The day promises to be an exciting one with the release of AoS 2 to top it all off.  A day of Narrative gaming, catching parts of the live stream and diving into the new edition promises to get the hobby flowing!

I decided to pull apart my display board from this past years Adepticon recently, and I made this choice for a few reasons.  The first being the drive to improve the board overall as I feel if I take my time on it I can create something really great.  The second was to repurpose the extra Witch Aelves and Hag Queens decorating it as stone statues.  I have seen a few other people in the community pushing to do 120 Witch Aelves just as I have and I thought I would increase my total to 150.  Now I just need to find another 20 of the old metal sculpts to round out the unit.

In a bit of inspiration, I decided to forgo my original idea for my Aetherlab to use in the upcoming Realms at War event this October.  After diving into my bits box I feel I have made a good start in creating something fitting for the event and themed well to match my Daughters of Khaine.  I still have plenty of time and I am playing with a few more ideas to improve the kitbash even more.  I still need to create my Aethermyst and with a few ideas in my mind, I am hoping to begin working on the model very soon.  The idea I keep going back to for my Aethermyst is recreating a Disciple of Khaine from the old MMO Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.

With only a few days left in my goal to complete my Khinerai before the release of the new edition, I am happy to say I have finally made progress.  I completed the unit of Lifetakers and have made great progress on my Heartrenders over the weekend.  With only a few days to go, I will be at my painting table to finish the last unit before Saturday to meet my goal.

I also was able to get my first game using the new core rules this past week as well with my club mate Jason.  He wished to get a practice game in before my Coalescence event this weekend and I was very happy to oblige.  I decided to pull out my Stormcast Chamber for the 1000pt game and allied in a Sorceress as well to ensure I could play in all phases of the game so we could both get a grasp of the rules.  It was very enjoyable rolling dice with the new 18 pages.  The new rules work very well and Jason and I picked them up very easily.

I hope you have had a hobby filled week and are prepared for the influx of models the new edition is about to bring.  I have no doubt I will be painting Stormcast in the near future alongside my Daughters of Khaine.  I have a strong feeling some NightHaunt army might appear as well due to the speed at which they can get to tabletop level.  Until next time, Happy Hobbying and stay #StormcastStrong !

Chuck Moore