Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-6-18

Hey Everyone!  Another week goes by and we are another week to the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar.  It has been a busy week as there has finally been some nice weather to prime, a weekend tournament over in Ohio, airbrush troubles, and getting the official date for the release date for the new edition.  This past Saturday Rend 4 held their summer one-day event in the form of an Age of Sigmar Team event.  I will be covering this much more this Friday so be sure to check back then.  It is also Coalescence month so be sure to check out if you have one happening in your local area or consider running one yourself.  I am very much looking forward to the event I am running and since it was pushed back a week it looks like it will be a great send off to the original four-page rule set of the game we all love.

We will finally get our hands on the new edition of Age of Sigmar June 30th (preorder June 16th).  The trailer released yesterday is giving us a lot of info that much has changed.  Nagash has made an error while Sigmar shows remorse for abandoning The Mortal Realms so long ago and is working toward redemption.  It is safe to say the Necorquake has done a lot to the realms, besides releasing the Endless Spells, and I am very interested to see how the story has evolved just as much as I am to dive into the new rules.  The new Stormcast chamber has really captured me and I must admit the idea of a small Nighthaunt force in my collection is a good one.  I am planning on picking up the starter set, budget allowing, and paint them all up.

Life isn't all set in The Mortal Realms for me lately.  I have been making a bigger effort to play more games of 40k with my local club.  A lot of the 40k players from my club have joined me in Age of Sigmar and I wish to join them in the Grim Darkness of the future.  I have a nice sized Dark Angel collection, but it was painted quite some time ago and I know I can do a much better job so I decided to reprime my collection and add in some Primaris as well.  I had one a free can of Citadel Primer spray from the event this past weekend I attended so I grabbed Caliban Green and I must say I am very happy with how well the Citadel Spray cans are for priming models.  

What I am currently not happy with is my amateur level of using an airbrush.  Not that I expect to be a better painter overnight, but I had hoped I was well past the point where a clogged brush could ruin a nights worth of painting.  Sadly, I am still learning this part of the process while attempting to reprime my Dark Angel Terminators.  As you can see in the picture below they sit on my table without their new coat of Terminatus Stone.  Undeterred I will try again this week before going back and finally finishing up my Khinerai I have been dragging my feet on the past few weeks.

Pretty soon I will have my Daughters of Khaine completed and will be going back over them to add some more details and highlights to bring their standard up a bit.  At that point, I will be dedicating my painting time to creating my Aetherlab and Aethermyst for the upcoming Realms at War 18 happening in October.  I finally settled on a design for my Aetherlab and I threw together some stock photos to give myself an idea of where I wish to go.  I need to pick up a few models before I can finally begin, but I am looking forward to the work a conversion and kitbash of this level will take.  It is outside my comfort zone, but I see ample opportunity to learn and grow by bringing this concept to life.

I hope your week is full of hobby as we all wish this month away so we can get our hands on the new edition.  I plan on pushing to wrap up the few remaining projects I currently have so I can really dive into some games come July while I plan future projects.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore