Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-18-18

Hey Everyone!  We are less than forty days from NOVA Open and with the Age of Sigmar Pack out and the GT selling out you would guess that I can kick back and rest for a bit.  You would be wrong as I am diving into more projects to have completed sooner rather than later.  I really enjoy keeping busy and pushing myself which is why I finally got some primer and a quick zenithal done on the three pieces I am planning to enter at the Journeyman's level for Capital Palette at NOVA this year.  I have never tried to be a competition painter and have always been focused on painting my next army, but army painting is very comfortable for me at this point.  As you all know I advocate getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and painting models for art is not in my comfort zone, but I am excited to try my hand at it.  That's not the only project on my desk.

Before I go to my Hobby Table I wanted to touch on the recent Narrative Escalation League that kicked off for my local club this past weekend.  I took my Sylvaneth force as we began traveling through all the realms over the three-month narrative and proud to say I had a great day with two Major Wins and one Major Loss.  Playing in the realms and rolling for different Realmscape Features is a lot of fun in an event like this and my excitement for next month's games is very high.

In order to be ready for the event, I had a few models to paint up and like a true wargamer, I finished them a bit after midnight the night before.  I decided to paint my Baelwind Vortex as generic as possible so it can be used for any of my armies as opposed to an army-specific paint scheme like I have done for my Daughters of Khaine.  If I find myself playing an army regular with this spell I will most likely pick up one to paint specifically to match the army since they are cheap to pick up.  I am also allying in some of my old Wanderers with my Sylvaneth Army and while I am not repainting the entire model I am bringing their color scheme in line with the Treefolk and their autumn theme.  Next for the army will be the Pendulum Spell, some Gladeguard, and a few converted Branchwych's.

Even though I am frolicking through the woods I cannot neglect my Daughters of Khaine.  A few of my friends have begun Hobbying Saturday morning over Skype as we enjoy our first coffee of the day.  While the hangout is short it gives me plenty of time to paint up the extra Hag Queens I have around and I did just that.  I have a few more left to paint as well as a unit of ten Witch Aelves and of course my Idoneth allies all needing to be painted and added to my force.

So what about some of these other projects I am tackling right now that are filling up my Hobby Desk?  I have begun to get paint on my Aethermyst and Aetherlab for Realms at War for this October.  I am also helping one of my club mates get ready for NOVA by putting paint on some of his Dispossessed and Stormcast allies to make sure he is ready for the event.  

Nothing like a deadline to help get your projects completed and to top it off I may be painting a large pile of Terrain very very soon so I am putting a lot of effort in getting these done quickly to my standard in order to get everything done.  Let me know what you are working on and if you have a Deadline coming up you are trying to meet and until next time, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore