Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-25-18

Hey Everyone!  Another week has gone so its time for another Hobby Update.  My time has been spent with a bunch of small and quick projects over the past few days as I prepare for upcoming events and sharpening some of my hobby skills, specifically drybrushing.  One of the more interesting projects is in preparation for Realms at War this October.  I decided to create a journal for my Aethermyst to detail out her story as well as a place for her experiments to be documented.  Although being an Aethermyst means you are a little bit off so I started tossing in fun little bits to show that she isn't quite stable and as a member of a Witch Cult that is saying a lot.  She seems to have an innocent crush on a certain dead god.

I had a few remaining Hag Queens left to paint up and it was a fun older model to paint up.  They took less than an hour each and I now have five Hag Queens on foot meaning I need to get more Witch Aelves in order to take advantage of all of their Witchbrew abilities.  I had forgotten how fun it was just to focus on a hero for a short while even if it's just to a tabletop standard such as these.  It has really pushed me to get started on my Miniature Bust Entries for Capital Palette knowing I can just focus on a single model and take it to a high level.  My preference is to still paint lots of models in an assembly line fashion but I am rediscovering the joy of focusing on a single model again.

In order to improve some of my brush skills, I have been working on my Endless Spells using nothing by Drybrushing.  These models really take well to the technique and they can be painted up very quickly and allow you to play with blending and color mixing on the fly.  (A quick bit of trivia, I have used Incubi Darkness on all of these models so far!)  I am still not sure how I wish to base the spells, but I am leaning more and more toward what Steve Herner has been doing with his where swirls of magic encompass the base and blend into the model.  I don't want to simply copy what he is doing, but do my own take on it that fits my style.  It should be fun to do and I feel it will allow for some on the fly creativity.

In order to feed my addiction for assembly line painting, I have been helping a club mate get his army finished with a quick tabletop paint job.  All in all painting these models and basing them to match the rest of his army took about five to six hours and only took a few sittings to knock it out.  Painting Dispossessed is quick and enjoyable as they are covered in armor allowing for simple, but effective hobby.

I hope your hobby is going strong and the paint is flowing!  Let me know what you are working on in the comments below and until next time, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore