Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Hobby Table : 8-1-18

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to "The Hobby Table", formerly the "Weekly Hobby Update".  Now that my blog has gone from twice a week to three times a week it felt like the right time to refresh the name.  I have been doing a lot of last minute prep work for the upcoming NOVA Open as well as getting a few games in over the past week.  While the games did not go in my favor it is always great sitting down with a good friend to roll some dice and move some models.  Also, with July officially being over we are officially thirty days away from NOVA Open!  Hope to see you all there at the end of the month.

I got to throw down with my good friend Aleks over the week with his Free People going up against my Daughters of Khaine.  I took my usual ninety strong Witch Aelf Horde and a few Idoneth Allies to mix things up a bit.  The game was a great time as always, but my smaller sized dining room table really counted against me as we lose about eight to ten inches on the table size.  This made it easy for Aleks to shoot me before my Witchbrew was in effect and Free People Shooting is no joke.  Despite the damage inflicted by my poor Battleshock rolls, I was able to make a game of it (Aleks also gave me a double turn after he won a roll to keep the game going as well).  Ultimately Aleks won the day, but we are going to try playing once a week in order to sharpen our skills even more.  I need to get a bigger table at some point as well.

My Second bit of gaming was against my good friend Matt, who you can meet at NOVA as he will be helping me with the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and Team Doubles Event!  Matt had picked up the new Kill Team from his local shop and we sat down for a quick game of Space Marine on Space Marine action.  It is a quick and enjoyable way to play some games in the Grim Dark Future and I expect it will be something we do more often than not when we get together.  After our brief visit to the Imperium of Man, we sat down to settle a few Grudges (and make some more!).  Matt is a big fan of Duardin and I challenged him to a game of my Dispossessed versus his Dispossessed.  It was a very enjoyable game coming right down to the last turn where Matt snatched victory away from me!  Like a good Duardin does I immediately put this slight against my Clan in my Book of Grudges!  It will be remedied in the future have no doubt about that!

The last bit of Hobby I was able to complete was repainting a unit of Glade Guard as allies for my growing Sylvaneth force for a local narrative event.  I have been enjoying playing with different allies for my primary armies and having rebased all my Aelves not so long ago has been a blessing.  I can simply grab a painted unit of Aelves, recolor them a bit, match the basing, and get them on the table for a quick bit of fun!

I have one major project left to finish before NOVA and that is my entries for the Capital Palette.  My hobby focus will be shifting to that entirely over the next few weeks, but I will still find time for a game here and there and probably paint up an Endless Spell or two for a quick bit of fun.  I hope your NOVA prep is coming along smoothly and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore