Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Hobby Table : 8-22-18

Hey Everyone!  ONLY 9 DAYS UNTIL NOVA OPEN 2018!  The date is fast approaching where the last major US Wargaming Convention of the year happens and I cannot be more excited.  There has been a lot of effort by everyone involved at NOVA to ensure we have a great event and I am very excited about the Age of Sigmar events happening!  I am also hoping to see what is to come in the future from the Games Workshop Preview Seminar Wednesday evening and hopefully I will be there in attendance for the seminar as well.

In order to keep my hobby mojo moving over the past week, I have been painting up the last of my Endless Spells with some drybrushing .  The models really take well to the technique as I have said and while I dragged my feet on them you could easily knock these out in a day without much stress.  I also put on some texture paint to the bases in order to paint a magical effect to keep the bases uniform without having to commit them to just one of my armies.  I have also been seeing my excitement for Realms at War in October grow and I couldn't help but add a fun trophy to my Aetherlab.  It is a nod to one of my earlier Aetherlab ideas that didn't pan out and my Hydra could not be happier with his new toy in hand.

The biggest project recently was all the wonderful terrain donated by Games Workshop for NOVA Open's Tables.  After building and priming everything a while back my good friend and one of my assistants at the event Matt came over to help me paint it all up.  It was a fun time as we set to work getting everything done in a painting marathon.  Thankfully my drybrush skills had been honed with painting my Endless spells so despite the amount we had to tackle we worked through it at a good pace.  All in all from on sprue to tabletop ready it took about ten hours total.  It was exhausting but satisfying to complete the task and the terrain should create some great looking top tables for NOVA AoS events for years to come.

Outside of all this prep, I have been working to get another video out for my YouTube Channel, Strength Hammer.  Life caught up to me and sadly that new project was set aside briefly, but hopefully, there will be a new video out soon for you all to enjoy.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore