Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Hobby Table : 9-12-18

Happy Wednesday everyone.  If you recall last weeks Hobby Table you will know I have a few small projects sitting on my hobby table for a local league, Armies on Parade, and Realms at War.  Thankfully these are all small projects without much urgency to get them completed in a hasty fashion.  Sadly, the lack of immediate need to complete these projects means I haven't done much more than look at them over the past week while thinking to myself "I should start these".  What I have managed over the past week is adding a few more projects of little urgency to my hobby table and do a bit of housekeeping with some swag from NOVA.  It is not exciting, but I can assure you there will be a flurry of activity coming soon as the events begin to draw close.

One thing a lot of people like is Swag from events.  While I do my best to not go overboard I always make sure I grab a memento or two from events and conventions to keep around as reminders of time spent with friends and all the wonderful times.  I have developed a trend at NOVA Open of picking up their yearly challenge coin and this year I have to thank Aaron B. for gifting it to me before I could even think of picking it up.  I also grabbed one of the objective markers from the GT I ran in order to keep it always in my mind as I work toward next year's events and improvements.  I also ran into Shoshie from Shoshies Magnificent Mini Painting while submitting for Capital Palette and she gifted me a fun pin as I follow her on Social media.  Be sure to check her stuff out!

I also want to give a big thanks to Stephen D., the man in charge of Kids Hammer at NOVA, for surprising the heck out of me with one of his clubs shirts they made for this year's event.  I have a nice collection of club shirts I bought and received for attending events, but this one was the first time it was given as a gift and it really meant a lot to receive it.

Some of the small projects I mentioned above are getting my newest bit of Witch Aelves on their base as I eagerly hunt for the final ten I need to reach 150 of the ladies as well as my converted Slaughter Priest.  I also found some Dark Angel bikes I had been given a while back that I finally took the time to sort the bits so I can glue them together and get them primed.  I don't plan on doing much more to my Dark Angels yet, but I just hate having unbuilt models lying about.  The last small project, as seen in my header image, is a fun little expedition I am doing into the new edition of Middle Earth with my friend Matt.

As with most people with a love for Fantasy, I am a big fan of the Lord of The Rings Universe and really got into it when the movies were coming out as I began reading the books, exploring the lore, and stumbling into a local hobby shop.  I bought Elves here and there without ever knowing there was a wargame.  Some of these were actually my first painted models as well and I keep one in my Hobby Inspiration box to this day.  After seeing the hype of the release for the new edition first hand at NOVA I was intrigued, but my friend Matt, who picked up the nice looking starter set, really loves the game and with his encouragement I built a simple list that I plan to paint up so he and I can play for a bit of fun.

So there you have my hobby A.D.D. for the week as I mess about with a bit of everything.  Thankfully I do have some dedicated hobby days and evening coming up so I should begin getting actual work done on these small projects soon.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore