Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Hobby Table : 9-5-18

Hey Everyone!  It was an exciting and tiring weekend with NOVA Open full of great games, incredible armies, and hanging out with some of the amazing friends I have made in this community.  I plan to go into much more detail about my time at NOVA on Fridays post so be sure to come back then.  As you might expect there hasn't been much Hobby going on with the big event so today I want to take a look at what I have coming up on my Hobby Table for the very near future!

As you can see in the header picture Vince (of Warhammer Weekly) and I did some serious model hunting in our free time as we combed through boxes of old metal Warhammer blister packs and models.  I was originally on the hunt for some metal Witch Aelves to take my total from 120 to 150.  Earlier in the day, Vince had nabbed a few for me being the gentlemen he is and shortly after we both decided to go model hunting for whatever caught our eye at one of the vendors in the hall.  There is nothing quite as fun and enjoyable than sitting with a friend and enjoying the company and your shared hobby.  It reminded me of when I would sit around with friends playing MTG and we both found some great models we couldn't pass up.  I found an old Teclis, Morathi, and Morathi on foot variant.  Thanks to Vince my Witch Aelf count is now sitting at 140 so only 10 more to go!

My local club has been holding a fun narrative tour of the realms the past few months.  I had planned to finish up the Sylvaneth force I had been running with Alarielle in the final months.  Thanks to my FLGS (Toy Soldier Gallery) owner wanting some Duardin painted, and being very generous, I now have a Start Collecting box to add as well and the plan is to grow my Armies on Parade force from last year for this coming event.  I cannot wait to get to work building The Everqueen and my only hope is I do her the justice this model deserves.

One of the more exciting projects I will be painting very shortly is my Aetherlab and Aethermyst for Realms at War next month.  It is hard to believe that in a few weeks my wife and I will be heading to England and I will be visiting Warhammer World and playing some great narrative games with great people!  Hopefully, I will be able to work through these at a good pace despite some busy weekends ahead of me the next few months.  I am really looking forward to the trip and it will be here before my wife and I realize it!

I hope your Hobby is going strong and if you attended NOVA that you are recovering well.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore