Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Hobby Table : 11-14-18

Hey Everyone!  It has been nice getting back into a regular hobby routine once more but as the post-event Hobby High passes I find that I have stacked up a number of projects well into the holiday season.  Usually, the gas pedal eases up over the holiday season for me, but this year that doesn't seem to be the case.  Tackling it all will be a fun challenge however and I am looking forward to accomplishing the goals and meeting the deadlines I have set for myself.  One of the bigger projects is for an event I am running for my local club over the next few months that will have me painting about 1000pts of Idoneth Deepkins o expect to see Sea Aelves over the next few months alongside the usual Daughters of Khaine.

 Before I dive fully into my week, however, I wanted to share my good friend Matt's first experience with Aethermy.  I very much feel in love with the fan made Aetherbrew deck created by the RAW NEO's for Realms at War and I was lucky enough to grab an extra deck for Matt so we can continue the madness of Aethermy here in the US in our games.  I gave Matt his deck and explained the rules of how to brew and he opted to attempt a brew with as many cards as possible.  He managed to easily exceed his brew roll and now I fear the monster I might have unleashed...

Perhaps to combat the growing Aether Storm on the horizon of my future games I have been painting up some Slaanesh forces to get on the table.  Over the past week, I completed a unit of thirty of the old metal Daemonettes which were a challenge to build, but very enjoyable to paint.  While I will add another unit of Dameonttes to my overall collection I am looking to use the new plastic models going forward.  I also finished up my Darkoath Warqueen that has been sitting in my project pile for a while now.  I debated a bit if I wanted to keep her unaligned to a single Chaos God, but in the end, she submitted to She Who Thirsts.

With new Slaanesh forces completed, I took all those Seeking the lost god to my friend Matt's small Narrative event he held this past weekend.  It was only a few players in three games of escalating point values as we aimed to appease The Great Wizard Fawkes.  Matt had some fun and bold bits of narrative fun added in to tell his story and while not everything worked out well it was fun to play in some games with friends in the story Matt had crafted.  I was also able to get my full Slaanesh army on the table and very much enjoyed their speed, but I need to get a few more games with them before I get a full grasp of their nuances and abilities.

Matt's event capped off a long string of Narrative events I have been attending lately and it is time to shift gears back to a more competitive mindset as I prepare for The Rend 4 Winter Tournament coming up next month which will be followed by Waaaghapaca in January.  While I am unsure about my list for Waagahpace I am set on pushing my Witch Aelf Horde even further for The Rend 4 event and will have 150 of them running across the table to offer praise to Khaine as they slaughter my enemies!  To be ready for this I need to paint up another thirty Witch Aelves, which I am looking forward to honestly, as well as add another Hag Queen to my army.  I picked up one of the Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team kits in order to kitbash one that is a bit more unique.

To keep piling on I am also planning on picking up one of the Leaked Khaine Holiday Bundles for Age of Sigmar that will be coming out in the next few weeks while also feeling the cold stare of Sigmar as my Stormcast from the Soul Wars starter set remain untouched since I bought them so long ago.  Not to mention rebasing some of my older Aelf forces in-between everything should keep me very busy as far as Warhammer goes in the coming months.  See you all Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore