Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Hobby Table : 11-28-18

Morathi, two Hag Queens on Cauldron, one Slaughter Queen on Cauldron, one Bloodwrack Shrine, five Hag Queens on Foot, five Slaughter Queens on foot, two Bloodwrack Medusa on "foot", two Avatars of Khaine on foot, twenty Sisters of Slaughter, ten Doomfire Warlocks, five Khinerai Heartrenders, five Khinerai Lifetakers, five Melusai Blood Stalkers, five Meulsai Blood Sisters, one hundred and fifty Witch Aelves.  As of today's post that is my total Daughters of Khaine collection, but even with another thirty Witch Aelves on the way, I plan on picking up the new Battleforce being released soon.  I don't think I will ever have enough of the army, but with how much I enjoy painting and playing the army I see no reason to stop collecting them yet.  I have spent the past year building toward a true Witch Aelf Horde list and have really only played with that idea as my theme, but I plan to begin playing other styles in the coming year and building my army toward a Temple Nest List and more importantly I plan to have enough models to be able to field the "War Coven of Morathi" Mega Battalion before 2019 ends to put the proverbial cherry on top of this Sunday.  Will it be enough?

With a goal to visualize and a path ahead of me for my future hobby, I have also begun turning my attention toward NOVA Open 2019 and developing the event Packs for the Age of Sigmar Grand tournament and Team Tournament.  I have been drafting and redrafting it all with plenty peer review which I plan to continue as I get everything set up for a great event.  There is still plenty more rounds of drafting and review to come, but the pack is working toward correcting last year's issues while keeping the event within what I envision incorporating competitive play as well as hobby and fair play.

I failed my goal I set last week of finishing up the latest thirty Witch Aelves in preparation for the upcoming Red 4 event I will be attending Dec 8/9.  I did, however, make a good bit of progress on them and should only be a few more nights to wrap them up.  I plan to knock out the gold, eyes, warpaint, and a final bit of detail work, including basing, before this week is out.  I am excited to see what all one hundred and fifty of these girls will look like on the table and will be posting plenty of pictures when they are done.  With another thirty on the way, you can expect this madness to happily continue through December.

I am thankful to have such a large space to paint and build as directly behind my desk full of Witch Aelves is a small force of Idoneth Deepkin I built recently and I finally managed to prime for an upcoming event I am running for my local club.  Our first meetup for the event is this weekend where we will gather and paint our armies while sharing bits we love about them be it lore, rules, or aesthetic.  I still have yet to decide on a color scheme though...

Hopefully, your week has been a good one for hobby and enjoying the start to the holiday season.  Lt me know what is on your hobby table and as always Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore