Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Hobby Table : 12-26-18

Happy Hobby Holidays one and all!  We are in the middle of the Holiday season and it has been great seeing everyone's hobby and gaming going on via Twitter and Instagram.  The recent announcement of the Glomspite Gitz has gotten a large number of people enthused and the excitement is infectious!  While I am not planning on diving into the new army I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone paint them up and get them on the table.  I plan, for now, to continue expanding my Daughters of Khaine collection and enjoying this army.  As you will see below my collection is growing quite quickly!

I decided to finally dig into my Holiday Bundle box I picked up, but I really wanted to have a bit of fun with the models this time.  While the Daughters of Khaine heroes are pretty much all the same pose there is a lot that can be achieved with some simple head swaps.  I have seen quite a few people online swapping some weapons and heads to make some of their heroes stand out so I tried my hand at doing the same.  The kits are very easy and interchangeable with little work and I am very happy with how it all came together.  I decided to get a bit more involved with my latest Cauldron of Blood, but having a statue of Morathi as the Avatar on its top.  A while back I made one with Tyrion as an avatar wielding Widowmaker and I plan to run the pair of cauldrons together to help give my army a unique look!

After building a fair number of small and fiddley Aelves I felt like I needed a small palate cleanser so I pulled out the 500th store Primaris Lieutenant and put him together.  Being a Dark Angel player I decided to add a few extra bits to the model int he form of some subtle Dark Angel Iconography as well as a few extra Purity Seals to add to models sense of motion.  I am still a big fan of the Warhammer 40,000 lore and do my best to keep up with it all despite lacking time to paint up my Dark Angels and actually play some games.  Perhaps 2019 will see me putting some bolters on the table once again.

Outside of building lots of models I also made sure to pick up a brush to get some models painted.  I had a kitbashed Slaughter Queen on my desk I kitbashed using the Dark Elf Bloodbowl kit which I have added to my display case.  I also took another Stormcast to paint for the project I set up for my local club.  Instead of my traditional Red and White scheme, I opted to paint him as a Hallowed Knight.  If the lore had been as fleshed out for this chamber when The Age of Sigmar began I have zero doubt I would have painted this chamber instead of my own custom scheme.

The club project I spoke of is having everyone in the club paint up a Stormcast, or two, from the original box set that was donated by my FLGS.  Everyone has been taking to the project and painting up their models to represent themselves as a Stormcast Eternal.  We are turning them all back into the local shop where the owner will base them all the same and put them on display.  Ultimately we will auction the army off for charity.  Below is everything we have completed and returned so far and it is promising to be a fun looking army!

My local club also had a Gamesday this past weekend for a bit of pre-holiday fun.  It was a nice way to round off all the hobby from the week and take time to hang out with all my club friends.  There was no theme to the day so we saw Warhammer 40,000 demos, Adeptus Titanicus games, Flames of War, and of course plenty Age of Sigmar being played.  The club got to welcome a new member this week as well!  He recently moved to the area and joined us briefly for a painting day last month where he painted one of the Stormcast Models fro the club army project.  He fell in love with the range and asked if I could bring a small army to learn the game this weekend.  I was happy to oblige and set him up to learn the game with my club mate Cole while I sat quietly nearby to help him with any basic questions he might have while he played.  He picked the game up quickly and really enjoyed himself and it was great to see the enthusiasm of a new hobbyist joining the club!  We even gave him a welcoming gift of a few Stormcast models to build and paint as well as dice and a tape measure to call his own.  I am happy to say he has already painted up a few of the models and is excited to get back to rolling dice in the Mortal Realms as soon as possible!

It has been a great week of Hobby personally and I hope it has been similar for all of you.  Let me know what your hobby week has been like in the comments below and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore