Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Hobby Table : 1-9-19

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It has been a light week for me regarding hobby, but it really feels like the calm before the storm as my content plans begin to come together for 2019.  Later this week I will begin recording Episode 1 of the new Strength Hammer Podcast with my good friends Neil, Matt, and Sean as we talk all things Warhammer, Hobby, and Fitness.  Once it is released I will do an accompanying blog post to give a bit more insight into the concept and the "why" of the podcast.  I am very excited to begin this new content and see where it goes!

The biggest bit of hobby I accomplished this past week was building that last few models for my Idoneth Deepkin I am having commissioned by Sean of  Brushforhire.  I didn't do any conversions on these heroes as I have with some of the other models, but these models have so much character I really wanted to paint to show off the model as opposed to any quick and clever kitbashes or conversions.  I will be giving the army to Sean this weekend and the current plan is to have the army ready by Adepticon where I plan to bring it for some pickup games alongside my Witch Aelf Horde army for those who wish to play against that madness.

Taking a bit of a different direction for my hobby I decided to apply wash layers to my Dark Angel Terminators.  With this accomplished, all my Dark Angels now have their base colors applied so I can begin detail work.  I am still focused with Age of Sigmar more than anything else, but I really want to have a Warhammer 40k army painted and ready for those few times I have the urge and the time to play a game in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future.

The most exciting thing for myself is the wrap-up event for my local clubs latest Age of Sigmar Event.  The pack has been set and the awards printed for this weekends fun as everyone brings their latest armies to battle.  I have a few twists planned that I hope to catch the players by surprise in a way they do not expect, but will welcome.  I plan to cover a lot of the day in real time over on my Instagram feed and follow to catch it all!

As I said it has been a light week for me, but there is a lot to come shortly.  Waaaghpaca is approaching fast and I have a few items left to paint.  The podcast should be dropping in the next week or so and I have plans to get more recording done for YouTube very soon.  Until Friday,  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore