Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Road to Adepticon 2019 - Part 1

Hey Everyone!  It’s that time of year when we all frantically paint the latest additions to our armies, and sometimes entire armies, in preparation for Adepticon over in Chicago, IL..  This year is no exception and I have been seeing plenty of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the days move ever onward.  While I am not playing in any events this year I do have quite a bit going on and have been busy preparing myself and my Daughters of Khaine for the fun ahead.  Today I want to talk about my preparation and my general plans for the event.

The reason I am not playing in any events this year is due to the fact that I have volunteered to help out with some of the great Age of Sigmar Events happening throughout the convention.  I have made a lot of friends in our wonderful community and a fair number of them run the events we all know and love.  I wanted to do my part and pitch in to help them in whatever facet they might need while also learning from them in order to make my event, like NOVA Open, even better!

Last year I helped (only a tiny bit) Paul with the Age of Sigmar Narrative by running my Witch Aelves as the main enemy for the players to fight in the climactic conclusion to the opening chapter of The Gibbering Dome.  The Dome returns this year and Paul has put a lot of effort into fleshing out the lore and while my Witch Aelves won't be around I will be there to help once again as Paul weaves his spiderweb tale of Heroism, Villainy, and Adventure!

I also volunteered my time to Alex for the Age of Sigmar GT as well as helping to set up and tear down the event.  Alex always puts on a great event and I am very happy he accepted my offer to help in whatever way he might need.  It will be fun and exhausting, but more than worth it to help a friend all while learning from his experience to help better my events in the future.

As you might have seen I was also nominated and selected as one of the 2018 Warhammer Heroes.  I haven’t talked about it much because it is still a bit overwhelming and incredibly humbling to have been chosen.  In order to prepare for the award dinner, I have done what I needed to do for quite some time and buy a new suit to wear.  I am sure I will spill something on it so I should also pick up from Tide pens as well now that I think about it…

I do have a bit of free time during the event and while I will be attending a seminar or two and playing Anthony, the mighty AoS Coach himself, in a pickup game I will likely be walking around and chatting with friends while making plenty more over the days.  If you see me walking around please come up and say hello!  You are also likely to find me in the Hotels Gym as well so if you wish to join me in a workout please feel free to do so as well!

Let me know what your plans are for Adepticon and how your preparation has been coming along.  There are less than ten days, but we will push on to be ready for all the fun.  Until later in the week Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore