Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Roseblade Enclaves First Raid

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to share my experience playing with my recently finished Idoenth Deepkin which I have named “The Roseblade Enclave” after my old High Elf Army.  After building the army I decided to have it commissioned painted by BrushForHire as I knew his style would create the army I envisioned in my head.  While Sean was able to have the army ready to go for Adepticon 2019 I did not manage to get any pickup games with it as I had hoped.  Thankfully my good friend and Co-To for NOVA Open, Matt, was up for a game with his recently finished Stormcast Eternals force.  The battle was set and we got to task.

Our Scenario was Battle for the Pass and we both opted to not fight in any specific Realm as the focus was learning our new armies first and foremost.  We deployed and I was taking the first turn and after some initial rereading of rules, I felt confident of my early capture of three objectives to gain a nice lead.  I knew Matt’s counterpunch was coming and it was in the form of ten Evocators directly in my back line where he quickly mopped up the unit I left to defend my home objective.  While I felt in a good position I knew I had to deal with the power unit in my backfield.  

Turn two saw priority decided by me and I knew I had to take it to keep my slim advantage alive.  Thankfully I put my mobility to good use and used my Soulscryer, some Allpoexes, and a unit of Reavers to tie up his backfield while positioning Volturnus on Matt’s home objective, easily clearing off his defenders.  To deal with the Evocators in my back line I threw in my unit of 6 Morrsarr Guard however they did not perform well enough and were immediately bogged down with the remainder of the unit.  Matt, knowing his Evocators would win the battle they were in moved his attention towards taking control of the other objectives and put pressure everywhere he could.

I took the priority for Turn three and once again opted to go first, knowing that High Tides would be in effect I felt that if there was any time to turn the battle it was now.  I quickly began sending his Stormcast back to Azyr for reforging, but I simply did not appear to have enough left.  Undeterred I saw a slim window for victory and enacted my plan to hold off Matt for the reaming turns.  Matt shut that window in the bottom of the turn as he finished off a great deal of my army despite High Tide giving me the advantage and with a bit of cunning movement, he took every objective leaving me with only a lone Soulscryer.  

I won the roll for Turn four once again and not wanting to admit defeat, and because my Soulscryer is heavily converted as a devotee of Khaine, I charged her into the biggest Stormcast in range and was quickly dispatched by the Celestant-Prime himself.

Matt easily won the day with his Stormcast Chamber, but I was pleased with how quickly I was able to pick up the rules for my army having only read the rules prior to the game.  I very much see the potential in the army and I can easily see why everyone take large units of Aelves to the field, but that isn’t what this army is about for me.  When I want to take as many of the most efficient unit in an army I will pull out my Witch Aelf Horde.  My plan, for now, is to practice the list as it stands and try different Enclaves, Aretfects, and COmmand Traits with the army as it currently stands.  It was a very thrilling army to run and I enjoyed playing an army with less than one hundred models in it.  Sometime soon I plan to show off the army a bit in a piece where I interview Sean from BrushForHire all about the commision.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore