Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why Do You Attend Major Warhammer Events?

Hey Everyone!  As I am settling back in after a fun-filled time at Adepticon 2019 I thought it would be a fun exercise to find out why we attend such large Warhammer events.  Today I plan to dive into why I always try to attend events like Adepticon, NOVA Open, and hopefully one day Las Vegas Open.  I am very curious to know your reasoning for attending as well.  What common reasons do we all share and what differences are there that drives each an everyone one of us to make these great trips a staple of our Hobby lives.

Adepticon, NOVA Open, and Las Vegas Open are the three pillars of the U.S. Warhammer scene.  This is not to mention countless other amazing events that are growing each year such as Midwest Meltdown, Rend 4 Battle Across the Realms, and the Bay Area Open, but there is something special about the large conventions that, in a way, structure our Hobby year.

One of the reasons why I love attending these large events is they give me a clear deadline to finish an army or project in order to show it off at the tables.  Nothing is as motivating to paint then a deadline.  It creates that urgency to give it your all and do your best to have everything ready for the big event.  Deadlines are great and a deadline that is essentially a week-long celebration of our hobby is even better!

Another great reason to attend such large events is it gives you so many opportunities to play games!  With our busy lives, it is typical to get only a handful, or sometimes only one game in every month or so.  Large events like there that celebrate our hobby often give us five or more games to play with people from all around the globe.  That is something you really cannot get anywhere else.  Playing such a variety of players and armies really helps you grow as a hobbyist and it more than worth the price of admission.

A final reason and in my mind the most important is to see your friends.  While you are likely venturing out to the event with your local friends I am referring to your friends who you might only see at these events.  Personally, I have made many friends through this hobby who live far and wide, but each year they attend Adepticon or NOVA Open.  It is a chance to see them personally and simply enjoy each others company. 

While there are numerous reasons to go to these events above are the ones I find the most motivating to me, but I am curious to know what motivates you to attend these events.  Please let me know int he comments or on any of the social media pages of mine you might follow.  I will see you in a few days where I begin to recount my Adepticon 2019 and until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore