Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rend 4: Battle Across the Realms 2 - Event Impressions

Hey Everyone! This past weekend I attended the Rend 4 - Battle across the Realms 2 event in Ohio, USA.  This is the third Rend 4 club event I have been lucky enough to attend in the past few years.  The events continue to grow and get better each and every time do to the hard work of Neil, Dave, and the rest of their club.  Today I wanted to talk a bit about my overall experience from the two-day event while giving my impressions.  Be sure to come back Thursday when I will be running through all five of my games and the narratives that played out in each!

The Rend 4 events have always been run in association with their FLGS, Battlegrounds.  Last December was the first event held outside the store, but I was very happy to see the store had moved into a much larger space which allowed all the event to once again be hosted in the FLGS itself.  The store is actually on the third floor of a building which gave it a very unique setup that made it feel more like gaming in your house than opposed to an actual store.  It was a really nice change in atmosphere from some other FLGS events I have been to that usually feel a bit empty and are often quite loud.  We occupied many smaller rooms which helped cut down on how loud a 30 person event can become over the days.

Over the past few months, Dave and Neil have been doing a lot of work creating custom and thematic tables that represent some small part of every realm.  Their hard work paid off as each table was unique and a joy to play on while allowing to really get down to business with the realm spells, features, and command traits.  They even remixed the older tables to keep things fresh and fun for returning players.  Each table was set in its own realm and had its feature preset along with the scenery rules being labeled in advance.  The tables had their realm spells and feature all listed out as well for easy reference during the game.

The event itself was run very smoothly without much delay at any point.  I never felt rushed during the rounds or breaks either.  Even with my games that wrapped at the end of the round time, there was plenty of time between the rounds to collect yourself and relax a bit before diving into the next battle.

All in all, it was a great event for me as I got to roll dice with five amazing people and enjoy playing Age of Sigmar for a few days.  Everyone was in good spirits and I can’t recall there being any issues from any of the tables which is always great to see at a larger event.  I was lucky enough to take home an award as well in the form of The Loremaster Award which was Best Narrative.  The award was a goal of mine going in and I am thrilled to have taken it home against some excellent competition.

If you have the desire to attend a fun and unique event I can recommend attending one of the Rend 4 events.  It is well run with lovely tables and the event continues to go from strength to strength.  Be sure to check out the Clubs Facebook page to see when the next event will happen as they do two tournaments every year.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore