Friday, October 25, 2019

"Unwanted Debt": Holy Havoc Narrative Part 3

Hey Everyone!  In just a few weeks my good friend Matt and I will be heading into the midwest to attend one of the top narrative events in the world, Holy Havoc.  It is a doubles narrative event that has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I am very much looking forward to playing on the amazing tables Steve Herner has crafted.  Today I want to bring you the final part of the narrative Matt and I have created for the event.  Part three focuses on how the partnership between Matni and Tayrathi formed.  Happy Hobbying!

Unwanted Debt 

The bullet was headed towards H'Kat'y, but the daemonette tumbled back, leaving Tayrathi in the shot's path.  Dodging the projectile was not an issue for the High Priestess, but the insult of it all made her fume.  Tayrathi shot a hard stare at the Duardin holding the rifle.
        “You messed up my shot!” the Duardin barked.
        “I was behind your target, you idiot!” Tayrathi spat her response. 
“Oooooh, that's going in the book!”
The Duardin started to continue his pointless ramble as Tayrathi re-focused on the task at hand quickly realizing H'Kat'y was gone as a low grinding noise reverberated through the room.  H’Ka’ty was closing them in!
        Tayrathi ran to the entrance in time to see the door shut them all in the Stormvault.
So, there they were, trapped inside the Stormvault.  The Duardin left licking their wounds, and the Khainite seething from bloodlust.  If it wasn't for the Kharadron being in as rough shape as they were, Tayrathi would have probably finished them off herself.  Instead, they worked independently in silence, as they tried to figure out how to get the door open.

        After a long silence, “I didn't mean to shoot at you,” Matni uttered in a voice just barely over a whisper.  No response was given.
“Well, we might as well work together getting out of here,” he continued.  Still, no response.  So, with that said, since the Aelves weren't going to work together, the Duardin might as well start helping the Aelves.
        Slowly, the Duardin's assistance went from detested, to unwanted, to annoying, to expected.  Eventually, the two forces were working in tandem, trying to pry at every crevice, identify every rune, push every brick.  Finally, after what felt like countless hours, Matni's keen Duardin stone-cutting sense spotted a hidden panel!  They quickly pried the panel off revealing a small opening.
        The hole was too small for Duardin mitts, but just right for the slender hand of an Aelf.  Tayrathi slipped her hand in with no problem.  She felt around for a few moments and after an audible click the doors began to open.
“Grungni always has a backup plan in his work!”  Manti said with a twinkle in his eye as he inspected the plate he pried off and stuffing it into one of his pouches…his smile growing.
        A sense a relief came over everyone, Aelf and Duardin alike, as the sunlight began to pour back into the cavernous vault.  They all rushed out into freedom.  Then, the silence became uncomfortable once again, when no one was sure what was going to happen next.
        Tayrathi turned and snapped her fingers, signaling to her entourage that it was time to leave.  However, as they began to walk away, Matni took a step forward and barked, “Hold on a minute!”
        Tayrathi didn't turn around, but did stop.
        “You don't get to run away that easy!”  Matni exclaimed
        “What are you talking about?” The High Priestess finally responded with a sigh.
        “You saved us.  We owe you our lives, and that's not a debt we can ignore.”
        “Pass.  I have no need for Duardin lives.”
        “It's not up to you.  It's up to the Ancestors, and they made the rules clear long ago.”
        “No, I won't have some foul-smelling dwarves following us about!”
        “Nope, you got us.”
        “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

        “Great! Now that that’s settled, whaddya got to drink?”