Thursday, July 2, 2020

Army Lore: The Season of Miley Cypress

Hey Everyone!  It has been a while since I posted an actual blog post, but today I wanted to bring you the lore for my custom Sylvaneth character, Miley Cypress.  As you can guess she is loosely based on the pop star Miley Cyrus, but with my own Mortal Realms twist!  I recently completed the conversion and had to immediately write up her lore and share it with you all here.  If you want to see a hint of this character's creation check out this bit of Tayrathi Lore.  As always, I hope you enjoy it!

Alarielle stood rooted to the ground outside the abandoned Tayrathian Temple brooding over the stain it had been on her realm.  She had finally persuaded the Hag to leave Ghyran, but it took many of her children to convince the Khainites that they were no longer welcome.  The forest was already beginning to reclaim the area, choking the stone statues and structures with their vice-like roots and reaching ivy.  In a few weeks, the area will be nothing more than a hidden temple in a forest, in a few months, it will be a mound of stone, in a few years, it would be as if it never existed.  The forest was patient and so was Alarielle.  The reclamation had begun and nothing could stop the forests encroach or the will of The Everqueen.

Alarielle shifted her attention to a group of Dryads walking toward her carrying a large cauldron…a cauldron filled to the brim with fresh blood.  A scowl overtook Alarielle’s face as she saw a single Soulpod largely submerged within the red liquid.

 “These followers of this dead god dare taint one of my children?”  Spoke The Everqueen, wrath in her voice.  The Dryads deposited their burden at the feet of The Everqueen, stepping back in reverence to their god and her silent rage.  Alarielle extended a hand, reaching out to the Soulpod with her Treesong feeling the life essence from within and sensing only hate.

 The Everqueen poured herself into the Soulpod in an attempt to suffocate as much of the hate within her child using all the love of a mother she could muster.  The Soulpod began to float above the cauldron of blood as the being inside began to awaken inside.  Alarielle continued singing her song with greater intensity as her child began to take shape, but so did the screams of hate within elevate in an attempt to match.  Alarielle pushed onward.

 In a cacophony of loving anger, the Arch-Revenant within was born into the realm.  The cauldron of blood cracking and the blood within exploded outward covering everything near with sanguine fluid, including The Everqueen.

 The newly born Arch-Revenant, with a snide smirk, knelt before her goddess, her shape solidifying.  Alarielle looked upon her child with sadness sensing the essence of Khaine permanently etched upon its soul.   Arch-Revenant Miley Cyrpees was born into the Realms, a child of both Khaine and Alarielle.

The Everqueen could only weep for her child.