Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Upgrading the Hobby and Gym Space!

 Over the past year, I finally began the process of taking back my overcrowded basement.  While half of it was carved out as my personal hobby space it was still chocked full of old junk in need of tossing and donating.  I craved a space for not only wargaming but also for working out and I am finally able to say I now have that space!  After many months of sorting and cleaning and moving what I am calling "The Anvil of Apotheosis" is now ready to go.  Wargaming and Lifting shall begin in great quantities!

The first part of "The Anvil of Apotheosis" is the new dedicated Hobby space.  While it is a bit smaller than what it used to be I am more than thrilled as it has really focused in my hobby even more.  If you read my last post then you know I am now a big advocate of not having a backlog of unpainted models laying around.  My new and focused space lets me play games, join hobby hangouts, display, and store all my painted armies while minimizing my space to place a box of models I may or may not get to one day.  

I was really happy that moving my hobby space let me do some much needed reorganization as well.  Everything now has a much neater home and near where it would be most useful.  Everything I might need to play a game on my table is as hand by the table.  If I am building and painting I can grab anything I might need for that sudden hobby inspiration.  I was still able to maintain a bit of free desk space as well for general use by my laptop.  I am excited to get to hobbying in this new area later this week and really begin to make those small tweaks to the layout as I go through my hobby process.

The second part of "The Anvil of Apotheosis" is the gym half of the basement.  While this is still a growing section I have a great place to bench, deadlift, and squat as well as some fun cardio in the form of DDR until I get myself a rowing machine or assault bike.  The biggest benefit of moving my gym equipment to thishalf of the area is how it allows me to move the various equipment easily outside through my basement door.  I do have a low ceiling in my basement so any overhead pressing is best dont outside and now moving the barbell and weight is much easier.

I have plans to add in a few more pieces of equipment as I can to this area, but for now, everything is functional and I can get a solid workout in at home.  I even have a nice lazy boy for those times I want to rest between sets of squats.  Some rubber floor mats will be added soon, but for now a nice pair of slipper is working well for my needs.  If only I could move out that small bit of storage in order to add even more fitness equipment I would be in heaven!

Let me know how your hobby and gym spaces look in your home and until next week.  Stay Stormcast Strong!