Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Plea for Secondary Named Heroes

 Age of Sigmar has proven to be an excellent step up from Warhammer Fantasy Battles over these past years in regards to gameplay, lore, and many other reasons.  I feel the game is constantly going from strength to strength and while the lore continues to develop more and more depth there is one aspect I feel is lacking overall in the form of secondary named characters.  While some armies do have a number of secondary named heroes the majority are lacking anything but a single core figure.  In today’s post, I offer my thoughts and hopes in seeing more of these characters move from lore to tabletop in the years to come.

If you watched my recent guest appearance on Warhammer Weekley then you are likely aware that I really hope to see the return of secondary named heroes to our gaming tables.  There was a plethora of them in Warhammer Fantasy, but they have been slow to come back in the Age of Sigmar.  While we do have lots of great options to add our own into the game with the new lore and tools such as The Anvil of Apotheosis in the most recent Generals Handbook we lack ones that are rooted in the lore and are likely to appear in ongoing lore.

I crave to see some named heroes who are just to the side of the key characters that are known to us.  To help give us a much-needed connection between the mightiest of heroes and the more common foot soldiers.  Korhil, for example, was a great example of this as he still felt like a member of The White Lions, but he was the best of them and thus lead them, but was no equal to Tyrion or Teclis in regards to importance to the lore.  

I think even with more named secondary heroes we still have more than enough room for our own custom heroes within the lore, but we will be given much better context in how they might operate in this fantastical land in order to push their faction's agenda.

Let me have The High Botanist of The Living City, The Chief-Warden of Hallowheart, and The Dock Master of Anvilgard.  Let me see these much more mortal heroes in my lore and on the tabletop.  Use them to get down and gritty with the army in how it functions on a day to day level.  I want to know more about this level of detail to give more grounding to The Mortal Realms and the people who inhabit its lands.  I hope we see more secondary heroes as the lore and game progress, but for now, I will enjoy crafting my own to help fill out the spacer.

Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong.

Chuck Moore