Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Shadow & Pain Unboxing

 Happy Turkey week everyone!  Today I wanted to do a brief unboxing of the recent Shadow &Pain box set as my copy has finally arrived.  Being a fan of the Daughters of Khaine as well as Slaanesh had me very excited for this box when it was announced and I am happy to say the box did not disappoint at all and is a very good value.  Let's dive in and see what this box set holds!

The box is pretty standard if you ever grabbed one of these before.  It comes with two armies each led by a new hero only available in this box for the time being.  These boxes are great ways to expand current armies and work well as an intro to the game itself as it has everything you need inside to play the game except dice.

Opening the box itself we see it is packed to the bring with spures for all the models within.  There is not cardboard filler in here either.  Just a box of great models!

At the very bottom of the pile of models is the standard poster we see in each of these boxes that has the Age of Sigmar logo on one side and the artwork from the box front on the other.  These are perfect for framing and hanging in your game room!

Below is the artwork side of the separator as well along with the bases for all the models above.  The separator artwork is very much dual purpose to protect the models while also giving you some inexpensive artwork. 

The box also contains all the instructions to build your new models, the rules for the game as well as each unit in the box printed on the new format Warscroll cards, some handy game tokens for your new models, and a nice little campaign book full of lore, battleplans, and even battalions you can use for everything in the box so you can recreate the battles in the story.

This box is a great value whether you are adding to your armies, splitting it with a friend, or starting this game for the first time.  If you have an interest in either the Daughters of Khaine or Slaanesh then this box is a must-buy for you for the new heroes alone.  Personally, I look forward to fully fleshing out my Melusai army using the models in this kit.  As always stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore