Wednesday, December 16, 2020

FaceHammer Objective Marker: Review

 Recently my order of the Facehammer Objective Markers arrived and today I wanted to give a brief review of the product and encourage all of you to go check them out for yourself.  Whether you are using them for competitive practice or, like myself, using them for casual games in order to take less stress off measuring during scoring.  All in all, it is a great product made by some great folks and you can pick them up over at Element Games.

The presentation is that of a classic rock Vinyl album in a sleek and slim all-black gloss slipcase for the markers with the Facehammer logo front and center.  The case fits nicely on the shelf when not in use and I can fit it in my Battlefoam 720 case without any issue.  It looks good and fits anywhere you need it to be to safely store your markers.

Inside you get plenty of objectives markers that allow you to measure objectives for any Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40k scenario you might end up playing.  They are very slim and sit nicely on the table, especially my FLG mat, and they do not slip or slide around and outside fo the thin blue lines to help you check objective range they blend in enough to be helpful but not too intrusive to the look of the game.  A nice bonus is a Facehammer Sticker as well to add to your collection!

I was thankful enough to get an actual game in a few days after they arrived, which helped inspire me to write this review, and they did the job perfectly.  The only issue was with the center objective, but that can be seen as an issue with terrain placement as well so it's nothing to stress about as far as I am concerned, but it is good to consider your table and if the markers are a good fit.  The game went smoothly and the scoring was issue free and I was very pleased with the use of the objective markers on the table.

As I said above I encourage you all to go give them a look over on Element Games and consider picking them up for your own games.  Be sure to also follow Facehammer over on their Youtube page as well as they are deep into daily advent calendar videos for the holiday that are excellent to give a watch through.  As always stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!

Chuck T. Moore