Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Metal Witch Aelf Retirement

 Happiest of Holidays my friends!  Today I wanted to share a small photoshoot I have done for my soon to be retired metal Witch Aelves.  When I first began my Daughters of Khaine Journey I had a plethora of the old Metal Witch Aelf Sculpts (Thanks again Domus!) which I absolutely love as a sculpt.  However,  as my journey continues I have decided to retire them and give them a well-deserved rest.  However, my plans for my Daughters of Khaine in 2021 is not slowing down at all!

You might think me a bit insane to have so many of these lovely models and might think me fully insane in retiring these perfectly good and painted models from my army.  I would agree with you because I have never said I was sane when it comes to all things Khaine, but there is a method to my madness.  If I lovingly place these older sculpts into storage then my shelf suddenly has a lot of empty space for me to fill again!  In the coming year, I plan to add a few additional boxes of plastic Witch Aelves to my army as they are also some lovely sculpts and I really want to paint more of them.  It is likely I will add some more Melusai as well.  All in all I am excited to be able to continue painting these wonderful models.

While not every model will be fully retired they are all being retired from y core Daughters of Khaine army*.  A small selection will shift over to my Har Kuron army as well as my Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness force to act as Mauraders.  So they will still see use and will be rethemed to fit those armies fully, but it can be considered semi-retirement since I play those armies far less often than my Daughters of Khaine.

Insane or not I am excited for this next chapter of my army and its lore, The Tayrahtian Cult.  Be sure I have plans to touch upon this "retirement" in the lore I craft for my army.  Let me know if you have models you retire or if you think this is a foolish idea to even think about doing.  Happy New Year and happy hobbying and as always stay Stormcast Strong!

Chuck Moore

*I am not against pulling them out of retirement for some fun photoshoots or narrative games that require more Witch Aelves than you can shake a stick at!