Monday, January 16, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 1.16.23

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you are having a solid day and enjoyed yet another week with the hobby we all share and love.  My week was choc full of grey plastic in the form of Age of Sigmar Terrain, but I also managed a few digital games as well as I continue prepping for the upcoming Brewhammer in Columbus, OH.  Check it out after the break.

Warhammer Fest Terrain will be a staple in these posts for quite some time.  This past week I really dove into the project by sorting the sprues and planning my assembly strategy.  Thirty-nine total boxes of Extremis sets will be my effort to the Age of Sigmar Tables at Warhammer Fest this year.  Me and a few others on the Events Team are sharing this project so we can have plenty of tables painted up in time.  You can bet that subassemblies will be key in the painting so they will not be fully assembled until it's time to sed them off, but I look forward to tackling yet another giant terrain project!

On the fitness side of things my program is continuing nicely and this week will be the heaviest of the lot so it should be great fun and very tough.  Feel free to check out more on my Instagram (@strengthhammer_) to see how I get along this week each day!

As mentioned in the header I will be attending the Brewhammer event coming up here in a few weeks and I have been trying to settle on an army as well as a list.  Since the event is using the new Generals Handbook and updated points it was back to pen and paper to write some lists.  My two army choices were Cities of Sigmar and Daughters of Khaine and after a few games, I plan to run my beloved Khainites at the event.  Time to keep tweaking lists...I am looking hard at using some Doomfire Warlocks...

While my Catachans have had no progress on them lately I did continue looking ahead at my Fyreslayer army I plan to paint up this year with a new hobby purchase.  With a gift certificate to my FLGS burning a hole in my pocket I am pleased to add this model to the growing army project.

Have a great week everyone and as always Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!