Monday, January 23, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 1.23.23

 Happy Monday everyone!  It's going to be a wonderful week for Warhammer, especially if you are an Age of Sigmar fan.  This week at the Las Vegas Open we will see reveals as well as Age of Sigmar streaming all weekend long!  Be sure to tune in and show your support for the event and the events team putting it on!

This week saw lots of hobby purchases arrive across all the game systems in the Warhammer Universe.  I have added many new models for my upcoming Fyreslayer army as well as another unit of Orruk Brues to my Path to Glory army.  I also go the recent Chapter Approved, Arks of Omen narrative book 1, and my Warhammer+ model on the 40k side of things.  I am also super pleased to have found through Amazon the Blood in the Badlands and Storm of Chaos campaign books for WHFB!  I am thrilled to finally have them in my collection!


Warhammerfest terrain continues fully as I have all the terrain built in subassemblies and ready for painting here soon.  I really enjoy these big projects, despite the boredom they sometimes cause, but I am pleased to be on pace for getting them all done in time for the deadline!  With the pace I am at I do plan to work on a few of my own projects this week to get caught back up on my own hobby log.

This past weekend also saw a local Club Day for AoS and Warcry with a solid turnout!  While I could only stay for half the day it is always great to see my club show up to play some Warhammer and roll some dice!

During my weekly game night, I did sneak in a game of Age of Sigmar though.  It was a teaching game so I pulled out my Kharadron Overlords for a bit of fun.  Kharadron shooting continued to be a bit swingy, but flying the board around is always a great time!

While my own hobby has been on the back burner for a bit I did manage to get some work done on my Path To glory and Crusade armies.  My newest unit of Brutes is underway and my Chimera is built and primed.  My plan this week is to finish the Brutes and get some solid progress overall on my Crusade Catachan force in preparation for an upcoming local narrative campaign.

On the fitness side of things I just wrapped up an 8-week program that I wrote with my buddy Aleks (@Fithammer on Instagram).  It was tough near the end, but I am feeling really strong and looking forward to a few weeks of deload to help recover before starting the next program!

Have a great week everyone!  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!