Monday, January 9, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 1.9.23

 Hello and Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great week of Warhammer last week and have plenty more Warhammer planned for this week.  One of the biggest hobby projects I began last week was a deep dive back into Warhammer End Times lore to find a bit of lore ripe for the picking to bring over into my upcoming Fyrelsayer army project.  After a solid five hours of lore research, I found that nugget of Gromil sitting and waiting for me.  I have lots more to do before I can finally begin this project, but I cannot wait to bring it all to life in The Mortal Realms.

Having spent plenty of time enjoying Warhammer Fantasy I am happy to be back to Age of Sigmar for the upcoming Brewhammer tournament.  My first few practice games for list testing have been on TTS for convenience, and due to the weather. I am excited for an I'm person game day soon to really get some reps in for the upcoming event.  I am looking to take either my believed Daughters of Khaine or my Anvilgard army based on my Soulbound character, Lanissa.  With the new GHB on the way here soon I think both armies are in a strong place to contend. 

Not to be left in the dust my new 40k Crusade army has been coming along nicely as well.  My Catachan-themed army led by Green Stonejaw is on the painting table with solid progress already.  I still have a Chimera transport tank being shipped as I type this to bring me up to a full 25(ish) Power Level, but I am in no rush on this project so a slow burn is perfectly fine.

I also got the Crusade force (as it stands now) out for a quick test game and despite plenty of forgotten rule on my part I very much enjoyed how the army played and cannot wait to see what the new Imperial Guard book will bring to the overall 40k meta in the coming months.

The last bit of hobby from this past week was seeing my local crew set forth on the second half of the greater Mordheim Board on the East Coast (in my opinion).  I will be honest that I didn't think we needed the second half of this board but after a vote, the decision was made so I look forward to doing my part to see this massive table reach its final stage.

Even though there is no picture here I can also say my current strength program is continuing along nicely and I am very much enjoying the increased volume of this five-day-a-week program.  I feel a bit sore, and a bit tired, but very strong, and most importantly ready for more!

See you next week all!  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!