Monday, February 13, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 2.13.23

 Hello and Happy Monday everyone!  What a week of Warhammer hobby it has been!  From the Brewhammer GT to a pick-up 40k game and lots of Duardin on the hobby table!  Let's dive right into my past hobby week after the break!  

Also Happy Valentines Day this week!

With Brewhammer 2023 this past weekend I got o make five new friends over five great games of Warhammer!  Not to mention hanging out with the Strength Hammer Crew of Neil, Matt, and Cole (missed you a lot Dave) over the event with plenty of good meals and great drinks to accompany the laughs along the way.  I only managed a 1-4 at the event, but I already have the next event I wish to attend planned out as I work to improve toward a positive record.  Feels like I am rebuilding from the ground up, but I am ready for the challenge.

Back from an Age of Sigmar GT my local weekly group decided it was a good night to play some 40k.  I took my beloved Ynnari out for a spin against my club mates Space Marines.  I am happy to say the Ynnari won the day in a much-needed morale boost I needed after my poor showing a the AoS event.

My usual hobby table saw plenty of action as well despite the busy week.  With my Fyreslayer army finally getting going I had a few old Duardin/Dwarf kits ordered to use at Kitbashes into that army and after I used what I needed I was able to use my bits box to still make the rest of the kits work to add a Warden King to my Cities of Sigmar army and a Runelord to my Dwarf army for Fantasy.

On top of that, I was also on one of the latest Heroes Brush Hour Streams in which I painted up the concept model for my Fyreslayer army and while the painting on stream didn't go as planned I managed to tweak and correct the final model that you can see below which I plan to use as the scheme for my entire army.

If that wasn't enough I also built and kitbashed up the Fyreslayer army to completion and while it might be a bit before I get to painting it in full force it is ready for some games in the near future!



I hope you had a great week of Warhammer much like I did and as always Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!