Monday, April 3, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 4.3.23

Happy Monday Warhammer friends!  I hope you are all healthy and well with a solid week of hobby under your belt from last week.  I had a very productive week of hobby from the small Adeptiwont event with my good friends in Ohio.  From organizing club terrain (picture just below) and storage to painting and even games.  I attacked as much as I could and felt really good about what I was able to fit in with just seven days.  Jump after the break to see it all!

A quick bit of hobby purchases that arrived this past week was the new Blades of Khorne and Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletomes.  I am very excited to get the Khorne book in specifically as I put a lot of work in on it through my time playtesting I am very proud of how the book ended up and I am thrilled to have played even a small part.  I also picked up a few older books Rift War and Dominion of Chaos books through a sale at my FLGS.  Hard to resist these older tomes getting added to my collection.

The paint was flowing this past week quite easily as I painted up Norgrimm's Rune Throng and the new Codewright for my Kharadron Overlords army.  Having just signed up for Nashcon with plans to take my Kharadron to the event I am happy to have the force more or less ready to go so far in advance...granted a few more Thunderers might be nice.

A few smaller projects that passed across my hobby table were a classic Pegasus with a spare Sorceress for use in my Dark Elf Army for WHFB.  I also painted up and kitbashed a classic metal Wych model to use as another Slaughter Queen for my Daughters of Khaine army and a Sorceress model for my Cities of Sigmar army.  It is always great to paint up some Elves/Aelves amongst all the Dwarfs/Duardin I have been painting as of late. 


I wasn't lying when I said I have had Dwarf/Duardin on my desks a lot lately.  While there are plenty of Dwarfs on my desk all prime and ready to go I am likely nearing the end of my Dwarf Vacation.  However, with a number of classic sculpts and plenty of foot troops, not to mention a few kitbashes of Lords and Heroes to work through I have plenty to do to fill my time over the next few weeks.  As I put paint to these models I can start giving thought to my next hobby project.  I am thinking of expanding some other armies a bit more, but with the new Soulblight book being announced I might be swayed to finally make a Death army with Lauka Vai at its head.


A quick fitness check-in from last week saw a more relaxed week, but during a deadlift session, I decided to try 405# for reps.  I knew I was strong enough, but never actually deadlifted over 400# for reps before so I was excited to knock it out for 3 reps at the top set with still more in the tank.

I managed to get a few games played this week to top off all the hobby goodness.  My Tomb Kings ran against my friend Tom and his Khorne-themed Warriors of Chaos list and my Drukhari took on Alek's Orks in a late-night game of bloody melee.  Great games, great people, and a few drinks shared with some laughs throughout!

With a busy week behind me, I am now looking into this week's hobby and fitness although it might be a bit slower compared to the prior, but no less exciting!  Have a great week everyone.  Go crush some goals and hobby!

Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!