Monday, May 15, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 5.15.23

 Hello and happy Monday everyone!  Happy Mother's Day t the mothers out there and I hope you had a relaxing day yesterday.  This past week was a nice week of hobbying despite not having any specific project at the moment, other than a bit of secret GW hobby work.  It turned out to be a great week, including learning how to play Killteam finally as you see directly below, but check out the full week of hobby after the break!

In a moment of inspiration, I decided to add a Primaris tank to my Dark Angel army as I slowly add more and more Primaris units to my army as the 10th edition nears release.  I admit that this tank took hold of my heart and I loved building and painting it up! I am thinking to add more to my Dark Angels as the new edition nears and releases, but not overcommitting until we get the new Dark Agnel Codex in hand to see how I want to play the army in the new edition.

I also built and painted up the Store Birthday Khradron Adrmial this past week as well.  I was excited to get my hands on the model with my shop's recent birthday celebration and with a quick paint job he is ready to join my army that I plan to take to Nashcon in the coming year!

Going into this week I have a few items on my hobby table I can talk about with the classic WHFB Watchtower and a unit of 10 Pirmaris Intercessors.  Both should be simple, but fulfilling projects to enjoy and I look forward to working through both of these projects over the next few days.

Fitness this past week was much as it has been, but I am excited to see that weight I saw as a lofty goal just a few years ago is now just an average weight for me.  I hope you are doing well with your fitness as well and go get after it and trust the process!

A bit of a different hobby this past week was visiting and catching up with my friend Sean, BrushForHire, this past Friday on his stream!  Sean is a good friend and it has been too long since we hung out.  He even helped me paint up a bust and teach me a few more things over the process along the way!  GO check out his amazing streams!


Hobby purchases this past week were very light.  I grabbed some paint and the newest White Dwarf and some paint from my FLGS and preordered the latest Gotrek Novel from the webstore.  My local club also had a games day for SAGA this past weekend and while I did play I did learn a lot about the game as well as pick up the core rules as it might be a fun game to join in on with some of my existing models!

I hope you have a great week of hobby planned my friends and until next week, Happy Hobbying, and stay Stormcast Strong!