Monday, May 22, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update - 5.22.23

 Hello and Happy Monday friends!  It was a slower week for hobby, and the image below might indicate why, but I did get a few items completed as well as my usual fitness goals.  So if you are like me and you cross into the worlds of Wargaming, Fitness, and GIthing Games then continue on below to see a recap of last week.

Street Fighter 6 had an Open Beta this past weekend and having been in the past two Closed Betas, and enjoying the Demo, I set aside the entire weekend's free time to play as much as I could.  Having a new Fight Stick this time had me extra excited.  After hours and hours of playing, stream watching, and labbing with friends I feel like I got as much as I could out of the final Beta and improved a lot along the way.  Only a few more weeks until the full release!

Hobby this past week was very simple in the form of 10 new intercessors for my Dark Angel army and the classic Watchtower for my WHFB table.  The Intercessors were the single sprue which was a free model from the last edition's launch, but with some kitbashing, reposing, and added bits I made them as different as I could so they don't look like a bunch of the same model.  The Watchtower was a gift from my great friend Brad and I am so excited to have this nostalgia piece for my home table.  I put in a lot more effort on this than I usually do for terrain, but it deserved the effort!

My fitness last week was solid with a bit of a deload week my body was needing.  I continue to feel as strong as I ever have been and I am excited to continue this journey and see my strength grow!

I did manage a game of Killteam last week with my usual crew at The Barn.  Killteam is not really my thing, but with close friends really into it, I was happy to pull out my KIllteam Novisitates and learn the game finally.  I really need to learn all my army rules though so the games can go quicker.

I hope you all have a great week and have some fun hobby plans.  My hobby this week is all secret and cannot be shared so next week's post might be a bit lighter than even this one, but I am sure I will get up to something in the Warhammer setting.  Until then, Happy Hobbying, and Stay Stormcast Strong!