Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 5.29.23 (Posted 5.30.23)

 Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you had a great Memorial Day if you were in the US and had some good food, good company, and a relaxing day.  Today's post will be a short one as there wasn't much going on in my hobby world as I prepare to head out for the first US Open of the 2023 season!  Continue on after the break to see more of the last week!

Hobby was plentiful last week, but unfortunately, I cannot post full pictures of it without a heavy blur filter as it would give away a surprise for an upcoming event GW will be attending and these will be used for during that event.  Before you waste time zooming and unblurring these are all models that are available for purchase as of today and are not anything other than a surprise for those at the event.

Last week my copy of the most recent Gotrek book arrived and I am very happy that ordering it was much less of an ordeal than last time.  I am a bit concerned about the companion change as I saw a lot of potential with Maleneth, plus being a Khainite appealed to me greatly!  Regardless I look forward to diving into this book soon.

Fitness continues at pace with regular lifting 3 days a week.  I did slot in a bit more cardio-specific training and with a bit of travel this week with Kansas City US Open I plan to do my best to get a few workouts in at the hotel.

A bit of a different hobby this past week was looking toward Old World and trying to decide which army to start with when the game comes out.  I am leaning heavily towards Dark Elves, but considering the last article that was clear that Dark Elves would not be in the core story for a while it was giving me doubts and looking to my first fantasy love, High Elves.  I still continue the internal debate!

I hope you all have a great week whether you are AoS Worlds, KC US Open, or just hobbying at home.  With the travel this week be sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter (@StrengthHammer_) to see all the updates from the US Open and keep in mind this regular post and the weekly podcast will skip a week due to the travel.

Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hpbbying!