Monday, June 12, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 6.12.23

 Hello and Happy Monday all!  It has been a few weeks since my last post due to my time traveling to the Warhammer US Open in Kansas City, but that means there is a lot of hobby and fun to catch up on from the past few weeks.  From KC to Warhammer, Fitness, and Street Fighter...yeah...Street Fighter came out so get used to me talking about that as well.  Check it out after the break and enjoy my flight photo below!

Kansas City was a great event and being my second time in the city already knew a few hot spots to check out the night we got to hit the town.  If you ever visit KC then check out Mean Mule Distillery for sure!  As for the Wargaming event itself, it was a stellar US Open with a smooth setup and tear down and a great group of gamers who were all excellent.  With a few back-end issues setting up rounds near the end being the only real struggle I am happy to see the event go so well and the players enjoy themselves so much.

There was also lots of 40k 10th edition hype and reveals going on and I am very excited for the release so I can get some games in with the new edition.


Fitness was a bit rough with travel and long work days giving me a week off, but having been back in it and struggled through the weights feeling heavier than last time I am happy to be back into my routine once more.

While I was away at Street Fighter 6 released.  I have been hyped for this game for months now and it was a struggle, but once I arrived home I made u for lost time!  Finally getting my hands on my main fighter, Cammy, I got to work getting a few reps in.  I did decide to play through the World Tour Story mode first and having just wrapped it up yesterday I am glad I did as it was a great story and helped me tune in my combos a bit more in a more relaxed atmosphere.   See you in the Battle Hub everyone!

I still managed a bit of hobby this past week with a few projects.  First and foremost I finished up my latest project for Games Workshop that will be used at Gencon this year!  Sadly I cannot show it, but I hope everyone enjoys it who participates in a few events a Gencon.

I also finally have time to really dive into my Old World army choice of either High Elves or Dark Elves.  With a few heroes picked up to kick off whichever army I pick and plenty of lore research ahead I can finally dedicate my hobby time to this endeavor!

I didn't manage to get any games in, but I have planned a small narrative campaign between my Daughters of Khaine and some Ogor Mawtribes to reenact the Flashpoint from the latest White Dwarf.  Within the Flashpoint Ogors are overrunning the section of the map near Har Kuron I placed The Tayrathian Temple (my custom army) and I wish to battle out to see if I can hold the Temple or if Tayrathi and her flock must flee to the refuge of the City (or even elsewhere).  Expect new Tayrathi lore in the coming weeks!

I hope you all have a great week and are looking forward to regular content once again!  Until next week, Happy Hobbying, and Stay Stormcast Strong!