Monday, July 10, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 7.10.23

 Happy Monday all!  What a great week it was last week full of Warhammer, Fotness, and a new Taylor Swift album!  Let's not waste a moment and dive deep into it starting with a huge narrative siege!

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing in a narrative campaign to see if my Daughters of Khaine, The Tayrathian Cult, could defend their temple located in the Brutos Hills near Har Kuron.  The campaign came from the Flashpoint entitled "Butchers Bill" from White Dwarf 488.  This past week saw the climatic finale as Tayrathi and her cult defended their home from the Ogors and many other armies as my entire weekly game crew all joined in for some AoS narrative goodness!

It was a great time and thanks to a deal made with some Kharadron Overlords Tayrathi and most of her followers were able to escape, but the walls fell and the temple was ultimately lost.  The good news is I get to craft a new story and lore for Tayrathi here soon!

Speak Now (Taylor's Version) was released this past Friday as well and it is simply perfect.  Go listen and become a Swifite if you are not already!

Fitness continued to go well this past week.  I managed four days of fitness in all and while nothing amazing happened it was nice to just trust the process and enjoy a few hours lifting the heavy circles.

I did manage a 40k 10th ed game last week as well.  In a Doubles match my Ynnari joined some Knights and we took down a pair of Chaos Space Marines as we continue to learn the flow of the new edition and enjoy our time with it all.  Still itching for more 40k in the future!

Street Fighter 6 is feeling good as well as I hit a short hot streak and managed to push into the high bronze ranking.  I also decided to grind out the bonding levels for all characters in the game to unlock their alternate costumes and while it took a few hours it was worth it to knock that bit of the game out.  Now back to the lab to keep practicing and improving.

I also had a new addition to my Ynnari army as my good friend, who painted the army originally, painted up a new Succubs to my army.  I love how he tackled the red scheme so it is always a joy when he is willing to add new models to my favorite 40k army.

My own hobby went well this past week with a new Kharadron-themed Runelord that was pivotal in the recent narrative campaign that allowed Tayrathi to escape the fall of her temple.  He still has a part to play in the near future of my narrative so I am excited to see what is next for this new character.

Speaking of Tayrathi I finally made my choice for my first Old World Army with a new Tayrathi conversion.  Tayrathi, The Asur Era is about to begin and while there is still lots of time until the game comes out it is fun to finally begin crafting the army.

This coming week is also the U.S. Open Tacoma which means plenty of fun over on my Social media accounts, but there will be a gap in the podcast and blog next week so feel free to follow along with the fun over on my Instagram and Twitter!

Have a great few weeks everyone and stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!