Monday, July 24, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 7.24.23

Happy Monday friends!  It has been a while since my last weekly hobby update post, but that's due to my trip to Tacoma for the US Open event with the team!  Tacoma was, once again full of wonderful scenery, and pleasant weather.  Jump to after the break to see more about Tacoma and my hobby from the past few weeks. 

Us Open Tacoma has come and gone and The event, outside of a few hiccups we had to work around, ran smoothly and was a success!  We got to show off our new Terminator statue, and had a massive amount of attendees all enjoying Warhammer and Hobby!  

Tacoma itself was full of some great places to visit while we were not running the show.  My favorite Coffee place, Campfire Coffee, kept me fueled up throughout the event while the Tacoma Comedy Club gave me and a few others an evening full of laughs!  Also, while we stepped out for a few drinks in the evening the sites of the city were on show and these moments helped cap off a great event!


I was also given a few mighty gifts at Tacoma as well from some good friends!  Dale 3D printed and painted me a custom Witchbrew Chalice for my Daughters of Khaine needs! Thankfully I packed light so I was able to easily get this gift home and on display with my DoK army. I was also gifted a painted Runelord from Martin!  I am always thrilled to have models painted by others on display in my hobby area as they provide great inspiration for my own hobby throughout the years!

Fitness continues as it has been with a small break due to the travel, but my three days a week of heavy lifting continues to be a mainstay of my week.  One change I am putting into practice is starting to limit my sweets quite a bit more to help cut back on my sugar intake.  I have a sweet tooth so cutting sugar will be an effort, but it is worth doing.

Purchases from the last few weeks should be no surprise.  The latest GHB and the new Harbringers supplement arrived and while it is not pictured I also picked up the index cards for Aeldari and Drukhari for use in my games of Warhammer 40k!

Club Day this past week was a special one as we planned to collect donations for the local food bank.  We had a great turnout and many donations!  I managed to get in a few games as well and I am happy with how Yannari is feeling on the table and continue to love this new edition of Warhammer 40k!

Street Fighter had an update as well with me finally hitting Silver Tier Rank on Cammy after weeks of grinding and improving.  However, with Rashid, the new character, releasing today it will be a new mix in the dynamic and the time to lab begins again to learn how to handle the new character.

I also managed two more games of Warhammer this past week with a Tomb Kings Civil War in Warhammer Fantasy as well as a game of Age of Sigmar with DoK versus Gitz.  While I am getting in a groove with DoK I am looking forward to getting some reps in with Kharadron OVerlords as Nashcon prep begins in full starting today!

Also, I had a small last-minute project to have ready for Gencon for the GW team and while I cannot show it off here are the boxes I am shipping out today!  I know it isn't exciting, but if you are at GenCon there is a chance you can have some models built and primed by me!

It has been a busy few weeks with Warhammer, but there is more to come in the run-up to Nashcon so stay tuned for more to come and the regular posts to resume.  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!