Monday, September 4, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 9.4.23

 Hello, and Happy Labor Day to all my US readers!  It was a great week once again full of hobby, Street Fighter, games, and Reveals!  I was happy to have had a chance to catch the reveal live while getting in some games and as for the reveals they were all great and I am tempted greatly by the new Old Wolrd model to start Bretonians!  Jump after the break to see the entire week of fun!

Fitness kicks things off with a new 8-week body-building program.  I always enjoy a nice body-building program as it is always fun and while it really gets the body sore I love the pump it gives during the workout itself and I never feel to tired to head back for more the next day.

Street Fighter 6 was excellent this past week seeing my Modern Juri move into Bronze Star 5 and my Classic Cammy make it into Silver Star 2!  Things are feeling really good lately and I am excited to get into the battle hub as often as possible to continue labbing and improving my skills.

Games from this past week were extreme opposites!  First I had a 2400pt WHFB game with my High Elf Calvary versus my friend Mark's BRetonian Calvary.  I am happy to say the High Elves won the day, in no small part to Tyrion's fighting prowess!  The regular club saw the return of a very small RTT-style event we call The Whippy Stcik RTT where we take a game and 500pt armies and have a 3-game event in an evening.  40k was up for this event and despite a good showing I took second overall.

Hobby this past week was more kitbash and painting touchup as opposed to much else.  With the new Human models coming out for Cities of Sigmar I took the time to repurpose the few Human models I had in my old Cities of Sigmar army.  A bit of kitbashing and touch-ups later and they are ready as a new Mordheim Warband!  I also took up an old tradition with my High Elf Army.  With a win in their books, I painted up a trophy from the defeated army in the form of a Bretoninan helmet and added it to the base of one of the models from the battle.  I also swapped the Sorceress from my Black Dragon with a Dreadlord and then placed her onto a spare Horse for my classic Dark Elf army.  To cap off the week for both Cities and classic Dark Elves I picked up a good deal on two Anvilgard Start collecting boxes to get hobbying on here soon!

I hope you had a great week yourself and are as excited to go into a new week of hobby as I am.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying, and Stay Stormcast Strong!