Saturday, November 4, 2023

Army Lore: Arliana Grandleaf of The Cavaroc Guard, of The Living City

Hello everyone!  Today I have some new Army lore I created for my current army project from The Cities of Sigmar.  My army is set firmly in The Living City of Ghyran and with this army, I want to tell the story of the common person in the realms and their journey through his High Fantasy setting.  This first story focuses on a Steelhelm from my army named Arliana Grandleaf and one of her early battles as a city guard.  

Amidst the towering trees and living architecture of the Living City, a Steelhelm defender named Arliana Grandleaf stood vigilant at her post. She had been stationed at the city's western border, the last line of defense against any threats that dared approach. The air was thick with tension as dark clouds gathered overhead, a sign that a heavy rainstorm was imminent.  The enemy was likely to test their defenses that day.

Arliana's armor was adorned with the sigils of both Sigmar and the Alarielle, a testament to the unity that defined the Living City. Her weapon was etched with Ghyranite runes, and her shield was made from the heartwood of an ancient awakened tree. She was not alone; her fellow defenders, a mix of humans, Aelves, and Sylvaneth, were equally determined to protect their home.

As the first raindrops began to fall, Arliana tightened her grip on her weapon, her senses on high alert. The Living City's defenses were not just physical but also deeply magical, and the impending storm had an uncanny way of stirring the mystical energies of Ghyran. The trees whispered their secrets to the defenders, alerting them to the approaching danger.

Suddenly, a horde of vile creatures emerged from the tree line, their twisted forms a stark contrast to the city's serene beauty. Arliana recognized them as followers of Nurgle, the Plague God. With their rotting flesh and grotesque mutations, they represented a direct threat to the harmonious existence of the Living City.

The rain came down in torrents as the defenders braced for the assault. Arliana's weapon gleamed as it drank deep in the rotting flesh of her foe, and her shield absorbed the rain's energy, channeling it towards her defense as if the wood of the shield still lived. As the enemy charged forward, arrows from the Aelven archers whizzed through the air, taking down a few of the approaching foes. The smell of damp earth and the murmur of the rain-drenched leaves intensified the surreal ambiance of the battlefield.

With a resounding clash, the defenders met the enemy head-on. Arliana's blade danced with a graceful yet deadly rhythm, each strike precise and purposeful. The Sylvaneth beside her moved like wraiths, their branches and limbs slashing through the rain, dealing swift justice to those who dared defile their home.  The Aelves took to the fight with their usual efficiency and deadly precision. 

The rainstorm raged on, but the defenders of the Living City remained steadfast. The storm of Alarielle, a symbol of the Realm of Life's power, only fueled their resolve. The enemies of Nurgle, tainted by decay, withered in the midst of such vitality. With the combined might of humans, aelves, and Sylvaneth, they pushed back the intruders, driving them deep into the rain-soaked woods once more.

As the last of the invaders retreated, the defenders of the Living City shared a moment of relief. The rain had cleansed the land, renewing their connection to Ghyran after successfully repelling the threat to their home. Arliana's heart swelled with pride, for she knew that they were the true guardians of this unique bastion of nature and civilization.

With the storm gradually subsiding, the Living City was once again bathed in its serene beauty. Arliana and her fellow defenders resumed their posts, knowing that they were not just protectors of a city but stewards of a living, breathing realm, where the forces of harmony and nature would always rise to defend against the encroachment of darkness.